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Now that football season is over , what do we do with our free time ?

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21 hours ago, Daddy Wang Doodle said:

I've always had trouble picking an allegiance to a team. Something about just picking a good team and then (hopefully) reaping the benefits of their success felt so phony to me.

On the other hand, I couldn't imagine supporting a team like Fulham - I watched them closely for 5+ seasons as they seemed to be one of the first teams to embrace American internationals - and constantly see them fluctuate from league to league and never winning anything of merit

I’m a FFC supporter as well. I loved them back when the players were former construction workers etc. Nowadays they are a yo-yo team between PL and Championship which historically is very good!

Also love the fact that they are a London based team with a great older stadium.

If to choose a club from scratch. I would go for something similar, Q.P.R. for instance. To choose City, Pool etc now is like starting to follow pats 2015...

Pick an historic underdog! 💪

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