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WSJ article today on Astros.....operation "Codebreaker"

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Read it this AM. Supposedly, the idea for the elaborate system that was put into practice came from an intern in 2016. It was part of a larger presentation and it went to the now departed GM, who gave it his blessing, and in 2017 they started using it. Started out with base runners sending signals, and over time evolved into what we now know. The story claims they used it both at home and on the road, which I believe is new information, certainly to the public, but not Manfred. The GM testified, I believe, that he did ok the use of the technology to devise the scheme, but denied that he knew they were going to use it in games! That would be like Robby Kreiger not knowing that Jim Morrison drank.😁 The intern, by the way, is still employed by the Astros. The GM comes across as a real scummer. Hinch not even really mentioned. He seems like the only standup guy in this whole thing, and it seems like his rehabilitation campaign has begun with the MLB Network interview. After reading this, you can certainly make the case that the Astros got off easy. Be interesting to see what Manfred hands down to the Red Sox, supposedly this week.

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