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Early Developments Have Jets Postioned to Snag Left Tackle in Round 1

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2 hours ago, Copernicus said:

Ugggh, do not like the idea of trading up no matter what. Would have to believe if the top 5 OLmen are off the board we go Juedy or Lamb. No?  In a perfect (and shocking ) world to Jets fans we trade down (hope). 

I don't think we will, but it's funny to see fans poo poo the idea of trading up while simultaneous having the idea of "OT or bust!"

I don't believe that all 4 OTs will be off the board. But I also don't believe that JD will have a similar grade for all 4 or even like all of them. He might like Thomas and Becton, but not like Wills and Wirfs (I have a sneaky suspicion that he might view Wirfs as a Guard).

Trading up would ensure that JD gets his OT and not just whatever OT is left on the board (who he may not even like). If you're in the "OT or bust" camp, you should like that

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1 hour ago, jetstream23 said:

I think Wirfs will be gone by #11, possibly to the Browns right before the Jets pick.  Wirfs is almost the perfect guy for this team right now.  He's capable of playing both Left and Right Tackle.  If they brought back Beachum and played Wirfs at RT then Wirfs could move to the left side in 2021.


I have a sneaky suspicion Joe Douglas may not be as high on Wirfs.

Remember, Jeremiah and Douglas are close friends. So whenever DJ says "teams I've spoken to feel___" you have to wonder if the Jets are one of those teams

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