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Early Developments Have Jets Postioned to Snag Left Tackle in Round 1

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On 2/11/2020 at 9:53 AM, varjet said:

A left tackle drafted at 11 will cost 1/3 of what Beachum will cost.  If they can play at least as well, it’s a no brainer. 

Franchise Robbie, draft a WR at 2, sign Lewis, Glasgow (G or C), try and sign Conklin or another RT.  

Then draft BPA the rest of the way.  The Jets need players. 

Why franchise Anderson? Just re-sign him as the highest bidder before doing that. He’s not getting more than 1 year skill-guaranteed anyway (and if he is it’ll be because he took a lower base amount, and that’d still cap out at maybe 1.5 yrs fully guaranteed). The franchise tag for a WR is over $18MM. Anderson isn’t touching that number.

IMO if they sign Conklin to crazy FA money (think $17-19MM/yr range), I think they’ll play him at LT, go WR in round 1, and find a RT in round 3 or 4 to compete with Edoga for the job. Conklin was drafted to be a LT, and the only reason he’s been playing on the right side is they already had an even better one who woke up after they took another tackle with a top 10 pick.

Also I’d never draft pure BPA/BAP until like round 5 (depending on how deep a particular draft’s talent is). Until that point in the draft we still need to look at need + positional value. That’s the price of sinking mega-dollars and high picks into safeties and ILBs and overdoing it at DT, swinging & missing big on a UFA CB and RB, and injury-guaranteeing $20MM to a walking injury report WR. 

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