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Early Developments Have Jets Postioned to Snag Left Tackle in Round 1

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On 2/11/2020 at 9:50 AM, nycdan said:

Now that I got my daily dose of snark out, I doubt that JD's list of acceptable OTs at 11 will be 5-deep.  But since we don't really know which ones he prefers, this is all very good news.  I still think you set up a trade to 9 if there is a big gap and only one of your guys is left there, but it feels like the stars have aligned to get us a 1st-round OL this year. 

And to think that as our pick comes up, Macc will be screaming at his TV "Get the Safety, Delpit, you fools!" only makes me happier.

If Robby Anderson is not a Jet and Jeudy is sitting there at 11?  

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