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Shawn Abner

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The former #1 overall pick by the Mets in 1984 (but never played a single game for them) has some interesting side notes.  His son is a professional Call of Duty player.  Plus he (Shawn, not his son) apparently was away from his home for over a month but didn't bother to get anyone to watch his dog, who starved to death.




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An example of a player that just couldn't make the transition form aluminum bats to wood.  

Anyone remember Fuzzy and his crew? Denizens of the behind the plate Upper deck for many years and very recognizable. Everyone knew who they were. Before season tix years I would always see these characters because that's where we sat also (apparently along with Gary Cohen and Howie Rose, I wonder if they ever sat next to us).

Anyway, at Shea during a rain delay one would just go under the stands or hang on the ramps. Excellent rain delay facilities (I miss my ballpark). In '84, during one such rain delay I happened to be with Mrs. C (her "rookie" year) and the Fuzzy crew was nearby. They had a one hour argument over Abner, Fascinating to watch. Unfortunately, other than being McReynolds trade fodder, that was Abner's contribution as a 1st round 1st pick player. Coulda had Mark McGwire in that draft instead but where would he have played? Also could have had Jay Bell. Oddibe McDowell, Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine. 

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