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Tony The Wiz

My Top 5 in each Offense Position for NFL Draft - Part 1

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Hi Jets fans I seen Bucky Brooks give his top 5 in each position so I said why not. But I will give a top 5 plus 1. 
And I will give a little explanation after the player with my grade or where I see them going in the draft. Now this is 
not my final grade but what I see up to now. Obviously I need to watch the Combine and to check out some pro days 
if they are televised anywhere. So here I go. Hopefully you enjoy your reading. On the bottom I will also state other players I was 
considering for my top choices. So this is part 1 of my offensive positions. Part 2 will come shortly as I look at some more tape.

    1. JOE BURROW  - LSU           What else can you say about how great he could be.  TOP 3 GRADE
    2. JUSTIN HERBERT  - OREGON    Have him over Tua because of body type and less injuries  TOP 10 GRADE
    3. TUA TAGOVAILOA - ALABAMA      His biggest problem is to stay healthy.   TOP 10 GRADE

    4. JACOB EASON  -  WASHINGTON     Love a big QB with a nice arm. Little inconsistent but willing to get coached up. 2ND RD GRADE
    5. JORDAN LOVE  -  UTAH ST.   He really didn't have a big year but his potential is enormous. Nice arm.  3RD RD
 +1    NATE STANLEY - IOWA     This guy drives me crazy. One game he looks like the upcoming of another Big Ben and 
   then the next game he looks like Hackenberg.  But I see him progressing in the NFL and if he has a good 
 combine he could move up to that 4 position QB.  3RD RD

                  RUNNING BACKS

     1. J.K. DOBBINS - OHIO ST.   I go back and forth to put which RB as my first between him and Taylor. They are
          so close for me. He just reminds me of Emmit Smith.   TOP 12 PICK and GRADE.
     2. JONATHAN TAYLOR - WISCONSIN    Nothing else to say about a powerful back who has track star speed. TOP 12 PICK and GRADE

     3. D'ANDRE SWIFT - GEORGIA     The Consensus top RB in this draft by many. Did not have the year like these other
  two had. WHY?  He has it all when he is healthy.  I give him a MID TO LATE 1 GRADE. He could go from 20 to 30 in the 1st

     4.  CLYDE EDWARDS HELAIRE   -  LSU  This is where it gets difficult. I have so many runners who can go 4. But this smallish 
   but powerful runner just has the heart of a champion.   MID 2ND RD GRADE
     5.  ZACH MOSS  -  UTAH       I been watching him for two full years develop into a great player. Another running back with
    a big heart. He chose Utah from many teams from the Florida area as a big time recruit. This shows me something 
   about him and his challenges.          MID 2ND RD GRADE

 +1   LAMICAL PERRINE  - FLORIDA       Now here is a running back that just grew on me. No way I was going to put him here in 
   this spot since I had Cam Akers here and then later Eno Benjamin and even over one of my personal favorites Michael Warren of Cincinnati.  
  But Lamical could do it all. Catch passes out of the backfield and his combo of speed and strength 
  puts him here. He had a wonderful Senior Bowl which opened my eyes        MID 2ND RD  TO LATE 2ND RD GRADE


                  TIGHT ENDS

       1. COLE KMET - NOTRE DAME     He has been my number 1 tight ends since the beginning and he is still my number 1. He could block but his 
  hands are exceptional.  The Notre Dame TE tradition continues. At 6:6 250 lbs now he is a prototype TE.         1ST ROUND GRADE

       2. HARRISON BRYANT - FLORIDA ATLANTIC -  Now this ranking was harder than I thought. For me he was the 2nd best TE out there until I seen 
   number 3 on my list since I really didn't know anything about him. Getting back to Bryant he is such a weapon in the passing game and we seen
 him in the Senior Bowl as a wonderful blocker.  2ND ROUND GRADE

       3. ADAM TRAUTMAN - DAYTON     He is my Mark Gastineau of this year. A player that comes out of the Senior Bowl and you say wow. He looks 
   the part at 6:6 255 lbs and plays the part of all pro NFL TE.    2ND ROUND GRADE NOW   But could rise.

       4. BRYCEN HOPKINS - PERDUE    Love this player. Many other experts would not have him here. Why do I have him here?  PRODUCTION people. And he 
didn't even have a great QB. He just catches the ball. He is speedy for his 6:4 1/2 and 245 pound frame. He will put on some weight and get stronger.
 I also see him in late 2ND ROUND GRADE 

       5. COLBY PARKINSON - STANFORD   Now here is a player that could of ranked number 1 on my list. A great program in Stanford and he was the 
number 1 high school TE prospect in the country in 2017. What hurt him this year was an injured QB but even with that he caught 48 receptions and
 nearly 600 yards.  And he has the Prototype TE body being 6:7 and 255 lbs. He also will gain a few pounds but won't affect his speed. He could move 
  up the TE board after the combine.   LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE.

 +1   JARED PINKNEY - VANDERBILT     So my +1 came down to two players that could of been drafted high last year. Pinkney or Missouri's
 Albert Okwuegbunam. Both in the beginning of the year would be with Kmet and Parkinson battling out on who was the best TE of the year. 

Now I picked Pinkney over Okwuegbunam because of production. Pinkney with not a draftable QB caught only 20 receptions but that was in 8 games.

Last year with a little better QB he caught 50 balls with 775 yards. Now again not with a great or even good QB. Okwuegbunam with a top QB last

year only caught 43 balls and 466 yards and this year with Kelly Bryant at QB caught only 26 receptions. Both players are again have prototype bodies at 6:5

and 255 pounds.   Again a 2ND ROUND GRADE 

                H BACKS 

     1.  CHASE CLAYPOOL - NOTRE DAME     O.K. you all are saying why not a receiver. It is because he is a big body type who just runs down 
  the field to get open. He would be a nightmare in the high slot for the safety or LB.  Look right now he is 6:4 230 lbs. At a split  
  wide out he will not be as dangerous. He really doesn't jive to get open. The Combine will be important to him.   2ND ROUND GRADE

     2.  HUNTER BRYANT  - WASHINGTON     Now Bryant in college was like an H back than wide out. He has an H Back size at 6:2 and 240 lbs and it 
 states he runs a 4:57 forty.  Some publications have him as a top 3 TE.  I see him more as a top 2 HB with Claypool. LATE 2ND ROUND GRADE

     3. JOSIAH DEGUARA - CINCINNATI -  He is a money player. I watched Cincy many times this year and when he was not in the lineup from an injury
 he was dearly well missed. He is clutch and has really good hands but undersized for a prototype TE. He is 6:3 and 240 lbs.  Blocking wasn't his forte.
     4TH ROUND GRADE     

     4. JUWAN JOHNSON  - OREGON    Now here is another receiver when I watch many of his games I thought he would be better as an H Back just
  because not only does he have size at 6:3 1/2 and 235 pounds but because he just can't shake a corner back. He had a disappointing season with 
 only 30 receptions with an excellent QB. And in the East West Shrine game one of the football analyst also mentioned this. 

     5. JARED RICE -  FRESNO ST.   Yes he has the height but he is only 240 lbs and yes he could gain weight. But his whole game at Fresno was 
  the passing game. He had a down year but that wasn't his fault with a below average QB but the year before he had 55 receptions.  7TH ROUND GRADE

    +1 RILEY STAPLETON -  JAMES MADISON   This player is a sleeper prospect. I love how he gets open all the time. He had 65 receptions and 10 TDS 
this year for a really good James Madison team. And against North Dakota St. in the championship game he had 10 receptions and 2 TDS. But what is 
really interesting also is that his younger brother was the TE on the team while he was a wide out. He is 6:5 and 235 lbs but he runs near a 4.57 forty.
 His brother, who also is up for the draft, since he is a senior, is 6:5 and 248 lbs and is more of a blocking TE but he also is a good receiver. Riley
 needs to get drafted. I really think this guy can be a surprise in this NFL.  6TH TO 7TH ROUND GRADE

         FULL BACKS

    1. SEWO OLONILUA - TCU    I watch at least 5 to 6 TCU games this year. And when I see this player he is just a tough son of a gun. He will hit you. 
    Now he is more of a running back but I see him as a bruising FB.  Right now he is 6:3 and 235 lbs but I see him at 250. He is a bull to bring down 
or him knocking you over with a block.     6TH ROUND GRADE

    2. BRADY ROSS -   IOWA   A Hard nose blocker who was well coached by my number 1 head coach in college football. HE IS 6:0 and 246 lbs and also
 played LB   FA

    3. CONNOR SLOMA - ARMY    Won't be drafted but want to give him his credit. A tough kid who is a warrior. love these military players.  He is 6:0 and 240 lbs

    4. JOHN RAINE   FLORIDA  ATLANTIC         Watched him at Florida Atlantic and stepped in for Harrison Bryant and done a wonderful job at tight end.
 He could be a FB or HB being 6:2 and 238 lbs.     FA

    5. SPENCER NIGH    AUBURN    A big blocker for the Auburn running game. At 6:0 and 267 lbs he was an extra blocker.   FA

  +1  BRONSON RECHSTEINER - KENNISAW ST.    -  Talking about a tough kid. This is one. He is another son from a former pro wrestler in Rick Steiner of 
           the Steiner brothers.  Yeah I admit I went to one of his father and uncles matches when they were with the NWA. And I remember his father
   howling like a dog. He was one tough hombre. Now his son is just like him on the field. I am shocked that he didn't play defense. But as 
   a running back at his college he was no slouch gaining 900 yards. And he is chiseled like his dad at 6:0 and 230 pounds of muscle. And he runs 
  a 4.57 forty.  Hopefully he could get into a camp.

    1. MALCOLM PERRY - NAVY     What else can I say about the player who was the MVP of the AAC Conference.  He is the perfect back in space
       and he is gone. You can't tackle him.   He is a weapon and he will be in the NFL next year.  What round is a mystery for me. But what he could be 
   worth in an offense like what the Chiefs run is enormous.   

    2. K.J. HAMLER -  PENN ST    What I stated about Perry I could say about Hamler. Hamler is probably faster, since he runs a forty in sub 4.30, 
than Perry. But Perry is more shifty and is like an eel to tackle.  But they are both dangerous. Again what round can we see them. Who knows but to a
 team they both could be a 2nd to 4th round. Hamler is more 2ND ROUND for me. 

    3. ADRIAN KILLINGS  - CENTRAL FLORIDA   I don't think I remember a year where three players like the two players before and now here with this 
  other clone of the other two. Again like Hamler he is like a flash when he sees an opening.  What I would love to see is these three players in a
 forty's race. I would be glued to see this. Now he is not the receiver that Hamler is. 3rd to 4th round  

    4. CEDRIC BYRD - HAWAII    Byrd has the same size like the others. All under 5:10 but he is not as fast as them but what he does have is serious 
  reception production. And I love to see production in college. He had 98 receptions for Hawaii. So he will be a nice slot receiver with good hands. Now
 he isn't slow since he is reported to run in the low 4's in the forty. late 4TH TO late 5TH ROUND 

    5. MAURICE FFRENCH - PITTSBURGH   Another players who seen wonderful production in his game this year. Again to catch 96 receptions in a not really 
  Panther offensive scheme is an accomplishment. Looking at his average of 8.9 yards per catch shows you he is a slot guy. I like him. EARLY 5TH RD
  +1  MASON KINSEY - BERRY    Here we have another Gastineau player where no one knew anything about him. Even more than Trautman since he is a Division 3 
 player.  What I seen at the East West Shrine game is a player who will work to get better. I love players who has a Rocky complex and will push themselves. 
  I seen it in this kid.  Now he did have 50 TD Passes in his career. And we have seen division 3 receivers make it to the NFL. He could be a pleasant
  surprise for a team.  Need to get him in a camp like the Jets and maybe he can turn into a Wayne Chrebet.  

     1. JAAMES MORGAN     QB
     2. CAM AKERS         RB 
     4. ENO BENJAMIN      RB
     8. THADDEUS MOSS     TE
    12. CHRIS FINKE     SLOT
    13. JEFF THOMAS     SLOT 
    14. MICHAEL BANDY   SLOT      



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7 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

No Wide Receivers?  Or is that your Part 2?

That is part 2. With Centers, Guards, Tackles, Returners and kickers. 

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On 2/18/2020 at 2:56 PM, jetstream23 said:

No Wide Receivers?  Or is that your Part 2?

I just finished up and I will be putting the receivers and lineman in about 10 minutes.

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