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Darnold Schwarzenegger

Wilder V Fury II

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11 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

My grandfather had me lace them up the first time when I was about 7 years old. He handled fighters in South Brooklyn for years. I had a few matches in the gym, but my grandmother and my mom, drew the line there. Later on, I found out why, (long story).

Here's the problem with that. There is not a single sport where the athletes of today aren't better then the athletes of the prior generations. It's just a fact. The training, nutrition, mental preparation... not to mention they're bigger, stronger and faster.


Your grandfather was right.  Boxing is unlike most sports and honestly the level of fighters in the 60s and 70s was considerably higher than today.  Part of that is selection effects (boxing used to be the most popular sport in the world, and now its probably not even top ten).  But by every metric things aren’t better.  The best punching power stats (ppi) were set decades ago.  George Foreman could come in age 40 something and bully Holyfield, who in turn would make someone like Wilder look like an infant.  

Fury is an interesting fighter though.  He does not suck and could probably hold his own in any era.  No he’s not beating Ali or Tyson, or even a Lennox Lewis but for a guy that size with that long reach, his handspeed, head movement and overall agility is quite impressive.  He’s probably the first heavyweight in a long time who’s level can be said to be respectable relative to the old days.

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