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Mock Draft of JN Posters

14 in Green

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Yes, it’s that time of year, everyone here is talking draft, and ranking the top prospects. I thought it might be fun to do something different. How about we rank ourselves?

That’s right, we each submit a list of, let’s say, our top 20 favorite posters. They don’t have to be people you always agree with, but they should be people who bring something to the table.

Funny, smart, homer, troll, draft guru, whatever, as long as they make things interesting around here. Twenty is a random number, so if you want to do more, or less, that’s fine. Comments can/should be included, but... Let’s just try to keep this fun, you can be critical, but try not to get nasty.

I might add that I’ve kind of put the cart before the horse here. I don’t have my list made up yet, but I’ll start working on it now. So take your time, and again, let’s err on the funny, not mean or nasty here.

OK, you’re on the clock!!!

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2 minutes ago, SR24 said:



Guys usually post good stuff and you can actually disagree with them without getting scorned lol @T0mShane because I laugh at pretty much everything he posts


@Jetsfan80 is a little weak in the QB evaluation area (ie. Mayfield, Allen) ? but yeah I like him and your other two a lot. Three blue chippers for sure.

This draft runs deeper then top 3 though, so feel free to throw out some more.

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Too many to list all the folks I dig.  In no order, a random sampling of the insane:  Dcat, JetsFan80, TomShane, Sam Sam He's Our Man, Apache51, The Crimson King, Panzer Division, peebag, southpark, snell41, bombdirt, HighPitch, NJ, spootface, Crusher, Joewilly, Beerfish, jgb, losmeister, Lars, Philc1......


EDIT:  And if we're adding an old timers contingent, I'll add Gun, Verde, Bronzey, Drums, Borg, SoFla...

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21 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Off the top of my head, I’ll go Shane, 80, jet stream, Barry @Spoot-Face is funny as hell, pk,paradis, @Lith @Villain The Foe @section314  sec101row23, @jetspenguin @RobR Is pretty good with all his OL knowledge, he just doesn’t know hockey... @Jet Nut, my fellow Orange fan @playtowinthegame 

i’ll leave A few open, I’m sure I’m forgetting a few...

Edit HOF nominee @joewilly12

I was proud until the HOF nomination

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4 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

14 in Green: "Before we begin the interview, I just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me, and showing an interest in being drafted into my organization."

JN Poster: "Oh, thank your for giving me this opportunity to prove that I deserve to be drafted by you. You won't regret it, Mr Green."

14 in Green: "Well, let's just jump right in. I'm gonna ask some questions -- now these questions are all standard, there's no need to feel uncomfortable. I ask them of every potential draftee I meet. This is a very rigorous process, and I'll accept only the best for my organization."

JN Poster: "Okay, shoot."

14 in Green: "First question; how often do you watch football?"

JN Poster: "I watch whenever there's a game on. I never miss a Jets game."

14 in Green: "Very good, very good. Next question; about how often to you find yourself on JetNation?"

JN Poster: "All the time. I practically live there."

14 in Green: "Great, this is very good. Do you frequent any other NFL or Jets based site?"

JN Poster: "Well, I used to frequent the old Jets Insider forums, but they're pretty much dead. I'll occasionally look on the NFL site, or Bleacher Report, or something like that I've there's any big news, but mainly I just get my info from JetNation."

14 in Green: "Okay, excellent. Now, do you have any daughters?"

JN Poster: "Umm, yeah... Two actually."

14 in Green: "Two? Very promising. That's really good to hear. And what's their level of education?"

JN Poster: "Uhhhhh... they're going to the University of-"

14 in Green: "So, college-aged. That's tremendous. Absolutely tremendous. You're doing very good, by the way."

JN Poster: "Umm, thank you."

14 in Green: "Now, as the father of two healthy, young, and vivacious college-aged daughters, what would you say -- approximately -- is their cup size, and how open would they be to... enhancement."

JN Poster: "Get out."


I thought I had them! Uh, I mean you...

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