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20 hours ago, Lith said:

Listened to a mock draft podcast a couple of weeks ago that had us taking him in the 2nd.  After taking Chaisson in the first.  Got me so pissed off that i had to remind myself that it was not real.

Anae had a great senior bowl week; completely dominated the game.  Just not sure how much of Anae's dominance was because he was that good or the OL play was that bad.

Watching that game ill say this.  He had a great get off and first step, but the tackles he was going against couldnt kick back fast enough to handle him, he barely had to use a move to get around the edge.  I think he can be a good player and I would be all in for taking a guy with a high motor who has such a good first step, but he's not on my radar for rd 2 guys id prefer right now. 

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