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Vanilla mafia signups


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52 minutes ago, Drums said:

If T0m played Mafia he'd probably get voted out d1 before he could ruin the game 

Tom played, survived a while, and actually did well.  He also took diligent notes while playing the game.

This whole "I hate Mafia and never want to play again" shtick is a farce.  He'd be just as addicted as the rest of us if it weren't for Shane being unwilling to allow any joy to enter his world.  

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33 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

I played one time after constant hectoring from @Jetsfan80 and then they colluded against me, killed me, and made fun of me for weeks in the mafia forum without even tagging me. Ruthless motherfffkers

^^^  Doesn't believe he deserves nice things. 

It's not your fault Tom.  You have worth.  Allow yourself to be happy.  Play Mafia.

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Just now, 32EBoozer said:

Since it looks like these games go on 24/7/365, maybe keep me in an every other game rotation. This way it keeps the fresh blood coming through the game while letting the vets take a rest every now and again. 
Kind of like the Epstein prostitution ring. 

P. S.  He didn’t kill himself. 

Will do!  Sometimes these numbskulls forget to tag in people so keep an eye out for new games. 

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2 hours ago, Gastineau Lives said:

Ok. Im in. I guess ill learn as I go? Do I get to injure @T0mShane either physically or emotionally? Ill pay money for that.


47 minutes ago, CTM said:

Jfc it's hard to parse through all T0ms whining to figure out else who signed up. If I missed anyone tag me


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1 minute ago, BUM-KNEE said:

I will have to respectfully decline. 

I suck at this game.

No, you don't!

And if you think you do, the only way to get better is to play more. 

Sucking is acceptable, especially in your first several games.  @Pac sucks at this game and he's been playing for years.  @Klecko73isGod can tell you all about that.  

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