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Brian Poole - PFF Free Agency Prediction

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49 minutes ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:


Projected contract: 3 years, $7.5 million per year ($12.5 million guaranteed)

After spending the first three seasons of his career in Atlanta and being relatively average (at best) in all three years, Brian Poole came to New York and had a career year in the slot by ranking among the 10 highest graded players in coverage at the alignment. They signed Poole last March largely because defensive coordinator Gregg Williams thought he would be a great fit in his defense and clearly, he was and likely isn’t going anywhere.

Here's how it SHOULD work:

You are a GM.  You have a philosophy.  You hire a head coach who is compatible with your philosophy.    He hires his DC and an OC who he feels runs those systems the best.  The D.C. and O.C. create lists of players they want for the system, who will do what is needed at each position for the system.  One list for Free Agents, which gets passed up to the G.M. through the coach (who has input as well obviously), one list of college players.  Scouts then go and scout players who fit the profile of said players on list.  Scouts turn in a report that goes through DC/OC's and coach, eventually winding up in GM's hand, who makes picks based on need weighted by value BOP.

This system keeps repeating, repeating, repeating.  You have best chance of winning. 

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