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T#3 C7ust3rFvck @ G@ta R!dg3 - gam3 s#0w


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Hello morons!

3 masons entered the night, only 1 mason emerged.

Did scum teams strike a deal and surprisingly honor it? Is the enemy of your enemy your friend? Was it pragmatism? Was it random luck? Only end game will tell

Seems after all this it comes down to today.

No lynch is an acceptable option as well!


Stark Town mason  was negotiated out

Beaver Backup mason  was negotiated out 

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Remaining cast of assorted dirtbags, scoundrels, mongrels, fiends and idiots:

1) BarryCock, Goon Brood, prematurely ejaculated

2) Ape Vanilla Town, silenced for good

3) AJ, Goon Brood, bored to death

4) Dicker

5) Spootles

6) JETS Vanilla Town got gata'd

7) kdels  Town mason Savagely beaten to death twice for good measure

😎 Ballin Vanilla townie  twerked off

9) Drums, backup Town Mason, was rocked out

10) Jville  - Wolf Brood , awarded death

11) JifTwink Vanilla townie - fluttered away

12) ChimpPimp- Wolf Brood , pimp stomped

13) Stork  Backup mason negotiated out 

14) JetFap80  - Wolf Brood , choked himself off, and out

15) Gastineau Hesshole

16) Stork  Town mason negotiated out

17 ) Verbil Vanilla townie  misgendered

18) nyn Vanilla townie  Had a water break

19) JVOR  Town mason Counted out

20) PacMule Goon Brood, deleted

21) Nolderp

22) DICE Vanilla Town awarded death

23) T0mShane   Died as he lived, a feral pig

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14 minutes ago, CTM said:

Before we proceed to this harrowing finish, the good folks at CTM laboratories and msGata technologies would like to present you all with this token of our appreciation for making this the biggest and most viewed game in the history of JN. (usurping that boorish man-baby pac's scarface game)

It was truly an honor modding it, and while unfortunately not everyone can come away with the win here. Know that you are all losers in our book. ❤️ xoxoxox



Is this true?

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8 minutes ago, Nolder said:

Is this true?

shocking as it is - yes..  although we both know this doesn't hold a candle to the greatest mafia game ever on this site in Scarface.

Transformers sold more tickets than Shawshank Redemption -- that doesn't make it better.

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