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T#3 C7ust3rFvck @ G@ta R!dg3 - gam3 s#0w


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22 minutes ago, Beaver said:

Oh great scum hunter.   Your talents have faded.   Do you really think they would put a newb like me as scum two games in a row?


so the fact you think this and are on my list 



vote JiF

Stop making us beavers look bad.








Only I can do that.

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20 hours ago, Klecko73isGod said:

Piece of advise folks: always lynch the sh*ttiest mafia player as early in the game as possible. Their crappy play is a drag on the game and it will be much more fun once they are gone. 

Vote: Pac

See this right there made signing up worth it lol

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Day 1 VoteCount 

80 (10) - Ape, Jvill, Drums, verbal, Ballin, Stork,chimppimp,nolder,pac,Nyn 

Verbal (2) -dicker, Beaver

Stark (4) - Spootles, AJ, Dice,.Cock

JVil (4) - Jif, JVOR,Kdels,80

Dicker (1)- hesshole

Pac (1) - JETS

With 22 Players alive it takes 12 Votes to Lynch

DEADLINE is today 2/28/20 8PM EST

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8 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Depends.  Since we have a lot of newer players, the "Chinese Fire Drill" maneuver seems like it might be less likely to happen. 

Then again, several of the new players are more bloodthirsty than I expected.  So if the vets go that direction you new players might follow.  We'll see.  

A Friday night deadline is always tough too.  I know we all play on our phones and stuff, but its still rough timing.  We'll be much better off trying to get this lynch done before 5.  I know I won't be around at the deadline as I'll be working a basketball game then.  

Why say a liner in three paragraphs?

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36 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

lol looks like I’m about to make history! First previous game mod to go down D1. Another accomplishment under my belt.

I’m VT so no harm there.

Gotta head out.

Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

Yea, it’s not the first. In fact, I’m almost positive we’ve lynched you on D1 as previous mod. Definitely and handful of others. A few were scum that I smoked out and got lynched. Like a real scum hunter.

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55 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

What does voting JiF do at this point?

Aren't roles chosen at random? That's what I've seen stated. I've seen you using this newb type logic a couple of times now when I know you've read the same thing.

Roles are supposed to be random, but they were not last game.  80 put Spoot and myself on the same scum team just for kicks

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@mods can we appeal for a deadline push? Game is finally being played, but it’s Friday night. 

would be great now that we have trains and maneuvering to see others get a chance to weigh in 

80 train seems easy. Jif encouraging it, but not on it... I want to see more of this stuff.

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