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T#3 C7ust3rFvck @ G@ta R!dg3 - gam3 s#0w


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32 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

Seriously? I wasn’t trying to convince town. I was trying to get scum to pile on. Scum takes the opportunities that wrong townies give them. So if you know a person is town, like from being the cop, or a mason partner, or 80 accidentally confirming it because he’s an idiot... then it’s a basic strategy to try to lure scum with them as bait.

How could you have done that without being concerned you're convincing town which is what happened?

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10 minutes ago, GATA said:


I'm 2 more unexpected events away from ransacking this game 

& killing you and CTM. 


^ well earned. Like a big dumb jerk I forgot to tell her about my limited availability the next 36 hrs.I ruined it already ;(

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