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OT-G-C Right Now at The Combine My thoughts.

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  So far we all know about Bectons 40 which Jeremiah is having a you know what.  But there are others that I really like.  Ezra Cleveland is someone to really look at. His tape is great and now with a fast time and his foot work looks quick.  Charlie Heck looks good to and Nick Harris And Matt Hennessey looked real nice. Both  look like starting centers. Great bending movement with the legs going side to side.   But this was to be expected. Cleveland looks like he is moving up.  Jack Driscoll of Auburn looks nice to.  I will be continue watching.

Whats bothersome is that Becton stopped doing drills since he thinks he is number 1.  Not liking that at all. 





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5 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

What I am noticing is that there seems to be tremendous top side in the OL and tremendous depth as well. Should be able to come away with a couple really good lineman in our top 3 picks

We have seen some really nice players this year. Because of the Jets situation I never watched so much tape and previous games that i still have on my Tivo on linemen this year.  I stated that Wirfs, Thomas, Jones and now I am moving Ezra Clevend to First round grades. Becton needs work. Yes he ran fast but some of his tape you see his many weaknesses. Same as the USC tackle Austin Jackson. 

And Wills could be an all pro guard.   

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2 minutes ago, De-Jet-Erate/Duane said:

I would take that. Then either re-sign Robbie or another FA receiver and draft one in the deep wr class.

Agree 100%. Jauan Jennings in the 4th round sounds great. 6-3 wr beast is the tough physical sure handed guy we have needed for years. 

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1 minute ago, TheClashFan said:

If the Jets go OL in the first two rounds (LT and C?), then I'd hope they take the best WR on the board with the early 3rd round pick.  Then either another WR or OL with the later 3rd rounder.

No defense until at least the 4th round, please, and maybe not even then!


Sounds perfect. Don't forget atleast a serviceable CB. Bless and Poole can't do it all.

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