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Sam Darnold film study.

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6 minutes ago, phill1c said:

"...he's a good QB in a terrible situation..."

I have to disagree here. He's a YOUNG QB on a mediocre team. The Jets finished the season strong. "terrible" teams are picking in the top 5. That's not the Jets.

But, I agree about being in a bad situation the first half of the year. It was embarrassing how bad the OL was. But the OL did improve over the last half of the season. And I felt Darnold improved. He MOSTLY stopped making the stupid mistake. Some days were better than others but it seemed like maybe he learned that the stupid mistake loses the game.

Darnold has all the physical tools. Let's hope we see the quantum leap mentally once the Jets address their OL issues.

I think it was @bla bla bla that said in a video that we've got a historically bad offensive line - gave up 50 sacks and only managed 3.5 yards per rush.

If anything, our final record is a huge achievement for Darnold and Greg Williams - the two individuals that were most responsible for keeping us in football games last year. 

But yea, we agree, the o-line is the major problem. Fix that, and we're a different team. 

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10 hours ago, Losmeister said:


miamis was worse last year. (more sacks fewer ypc)yet fitz outplayed sam by a mile.

Maybe Miami’s was worse. 

Fitz also has a decade and a half playing in the NFL.

Btw, Fitz has 500 more yards and 1 more touchdown and played two more games (didn’t have mono lol).

Completion %’s within 0.1 too. 

Do I get to start my post with “False” now too? 

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