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Browns,Rams, Falcons and maybe Bucs to get new uniforms in the coming months

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I know the jets new uniforms have received mixed reviews from our fanbase (i personally really like some aspects of it and some aspects i dont). But i think overall we will appreciate the changes the jets made going simple more after seeing what some of these other teams are going to do.  

At least from the rams leak it looks like they are going to completely butcher their new kits.  The words coming out of browns camp actualyl sound promising, but the color scheme (at least to me) is so bland and gross that really nothing they come up with will look good. 


I've heard nothing really about the other two teams and which direction they are looking to go with theirs, but I cant put much of any faith into the bucs design teams after they came up with the current atrocity.  The falcons have a chance to do something nice though. 

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