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#11 and Jamal Adams to Redskins?


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No. Just no. This trade makes no sense for the Jets.

So let's just look at the Trent Williams part of this trade. Williams wants no part of Washington. They are trying to get best value for a talented, disgruntled player. Yes, the FA market for LTs is dry but the draft has some very nice prospects, one of whom is all but certain to be there for the Jets at 11. Williams is a Perennial Pro Bowler but he has some injury history (including a serious cancerous growth), he hasn't played in over a year, he is on the wrong side of 30 (turns 32 this summer), and he is on record as wanting a new contract. As far as Trent Williams, Washington has no leverage and any team trading for him is taking on a risk. With so many question marks I think at most they can expect an early 3rd rounder. 

So let's say that's what the Jets give up for him. The Giants 3rd round pick. That means we give up Jamal Adams, the 11th overall pick, and a 2nd rounder next year for the #2 overall pick. To draft Chase Young, I assume.  That's not an obscene amount to move up from 11 to 2. But I just don;t get why you would do that to get an unproven Edge rusher and an risk, short term answer at LT. While at the same time giving up a second rounder in next years draft and a young stud safety like Adams who can do a variety of different things for you on defense, including, newsflash, rush the QB. 

So, to me, unless Chase young ends up being Lawrence Taylor, this trade makes no sense. And you just can't gamble that he will pan out, the Jets have too many holes and need draft picks and young talent too much.   

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3 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

For that trade NO, but if we could then trade the #2 pick for something like 2 of Miamis seconds and a 2nd this year I would do it

You would trade the #2 overall for three second round picks?  That is what we paid to move from #6 to #3, and Indy still kept the #6. 

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On 3/9/2020 at 12:51 PM, Jamax99 said:

Would you guys trade J Adams, #11  a 3rd and next years 2nd for #2 and Trent Williams? We draft Chase Young. 

Adams and our 1st and next years 2nd for Chase Young and Trent Williams.

And unproven draft pick and a 30+ year old who missed a season coming off of cancer?  Williams who I dont even know if I would give up a pick for at this point.


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