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Another Mock With Thomas On The Board At 11

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4 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

What are people's thoughts about Josh Jones?  Based on what I have read, I expected him to test really well at the combine, but he didn't blow me away.  Supposedly he was the ZBS guy that we might prefer.  I thought he would drop after the combine, but I have still been seeing him in the 1st a decent amount. 

He is an interesting prospect, especially for the Jets given who their QB is.  It would be fantastic if JD and the Jets had an overall vision for how they wanted to build their offense.  With Darnold, I really think you want to build an offensive line that is best playing man and can move the pocket together as a until.  That would really be ideal for Sam.  Jones would be the type of player that could play in just such a system.  Given, he will probably need some coaching on his techniques, but he has all the stuff you want for a LT that plays in a man blocking scheme with lots of line shifts. 

If Thomas, Wills, and Wirfs are all gone by 11, the Jets can take a WR at # 11 and perhaps take Jones in round two.

Just an idea on how to make him fit into their plans...

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3 hours ago, johnnysd said:

By your own statement, 4th selected is NOT the same as 4th best. If the 4th rated tackle by the Jets is the only choice at 11 and you have other players rated higher maybe you choose that player, but the Jets could easily have one of their Top 2 there maybe even their highest rated tackle. Also, from what I have read any of the 4 would likely be #1 in recent drafts. Still no guarantee they will work out of course.

I think there are a lot of question marks about all of the tackles. There is not 1 clear cut dominant LT in the draft. It's a draft full of very good tackles who either project on the right side or at Guard. And the ones who project to LT don't have the testing numbers of previous dominant LT's. In my opinion there is really only one position group that is very deep and that's the WR's. Jeudy and Lamb are incredibly talented and less of a risk then any other players in the draft in my opinion.

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