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Kingmaker Mafia - Game Over, Scum Win!


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Sup bitches, time for some Kingmaker.  I'm too ******* lazy to write long flavor paragraphs on how lovely the Kingdom was and what a peaceful Village you guys had.  Blah blah, the Assassins want to kill you all and skull**** your corpses.  And yes, this was the same opening from 2016 when I first ran this.  EAD.


This is Kingmaker Mafia.


The Roles:

Villager - vanilla townie.

Kingmaker - townie who can promote 1 player each night to become the only player the next day who's vote counts.

King - not an actual role, but the # of votes to lynch each day a King exists is exactly 1.  Once the King casts their vote, a lynch (execution) is sealed.  There is no way around this.  The King may decide to heed the advice of the village, in which you guys can vote.....but only the King's counts.  MESSAGE TO THE KING:  I'd advise against joke votes and "pressure" votes, because the moment you place a vote, the day is over.

Hero - basically a paranoid gun owner (townie).  If the King tries to lynch the Hero, the village will instead lynch the King.  This is a passive role, so be careful, Kings.

Knight - town Doc, simple as that.  Can block mafia's (Assassins) factional night kill.

Anarchist - 1x per game ability to overthrow the current King and alter the day to a normal majority lynch (like typical mafia games).

Assassin - vanilla scum with a factional night kill.


The Rules:

You know them.  Normal rules apply for all our games.  If there are questions, ******* re-read my post again.  If you still have questions, feel free to PM me and deal with my harassment of you.


The Roster:

1.  Nolder

2.  Barry - Villager, lynched D2

3.  Stark - Villager, nightkilled N4

4.  Drums - Villager, lynched D6

5.  80

6.  Dr. Crushlove

7.  GATA

8.  Spoot - Villager, lynched D1

9.  CTM

10.  Decker, replaced by AVM - Villager, nightkilled N6

11.  Pac - Villager, and backup Kingmaker, nightkilled N1

12.  Kdels - Villager, lynched (worse than that) D4

13.  JiF - Assassin, lynched D5

14.  Greece - Assassin, lynched via majority D3

15.  Leelou

16.  Nyn - Kingmaker, nightkilled N3

17.  Jvill - Villager, nightkilled N2

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1 hour ago, Verbal said:

It is Night 0.  No roles are active other than the Kingmaker.  The Kingmaker maybe submit their action to me via PM.


Feel free to post, the game is live.

@Nolder, @Barry McCockinner, @Stark, @Drums, @Jetsfan80, @The Crusher, @GATA, @Spoot-Face, @CTM, @deckerfan, @Pac, @kdels62, @JiF, @greece666, @Leelou, @Nynaeve, @jvill 51

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48 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Ape dead yet?

Ape had a post in the last game after being lynched but waiting on CTM to post a story:  "Can Ape go back to being a dad now?" or something like that. Almost teared up a bit. 

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56 minutes ago, Verbal said:

Ape, Scum MVP, has been gangbanged by the entire town, mourned by the assassins, and then skull****ed by the mod.  May God have mercy on your souls.

For the record, I went first.  No sloppy seconds for this guy. 

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digging through Kingmaker @ JN V1...

 MASTER PRO TIP from Mr./Mrs./Ms. Grammar Police:

On 6/9/2016 at 1:07 PM, Verbal said:

Protip:  when Leelou doesn't dig deep to scumhunt, and is generally very agreeable, LYNCH HER WITH A QUICKNESS.

  She was scum in the last iteration!!! 

On 6/9/2016 at 1:06 PM, Verbal said:

EY, Villager and Backup Kingmaker, has been lynched.


It doesn't matter who the Assassins NK.


80, Hero, has been endgamed.

Nyn, Villager, has been endgamed.

JC, Villager, has been endgamed.


AVM and Leelou, Assassins, survive and win (along with Decker, Smash, and Hallia).


Game Over.  Thanks for playing.  I think.

Be scurred.

unvotevote Barry ... unvote unvote, vote Drums ... unvote, vote Starks ... unvote unvote, vote Drums ... unvote, vote 80 ... unvote unvote, vote Chimp the Pimp ... unvote, vote GATA ... unvote unvote, vote Spoot ... unvote, vote CTM ... unvote unvote, vote Pecker ... unvote, vote Pac ... unvote unvote, vote kdels ... unvote, vote JIF ... unvote unvote, vote Greece ... unvote, vote Leeroy ... unvote unvvote, vote Nyn ... unvote, vote Jvill

I unvoted. 

On 5/20/2016 at 9:25 PM, Verbal said:

The Roster:

1. 80

2. Leelou

3. CTM

4. Pac

5. JiF

6. Crushlove

12. Nyn

18. Decker


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