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So, where are we cap wise?

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3 minutes ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:

Pull up the contract details of all the signings. What are the year 1 cap hits? Minus that from our available cap space with Trumaine cap relief included.

Not all contract details have been released yet.  I would guess we are somewhere around $35MM:

Started at ~$50MM.  Added $11 by cutting Tru.  Less $7.25 for Fant, $5 for Poole, less $9 for Mcgovern and $6 for Lewis.  Would put us at about $35MM.  But that is just a guess.

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14 minutes ago, British Jet said:

I saw something that we had around $30m left before the $11m available from cutting Trumaine. So $40m-ish?

Issue is the TJ 8M we save for the June 1st designation only applies after June 1st. So that money can be used on draft picks and other players after that, but doesn't help till then.

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