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Thoughts on 2020 seasons and Salary Cap


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Random question.  With the CBA being done, does unspent salary cap in 2020 roll over into 2021 or not?  I ask because the Jets are currently sitting with the 2nd-most salary cap in the league.  With the season being uncertain to start on time, or even happen at all, what happens to all the player salaries?  

1) If the season is shortened, do players only receive a pro-rated bonus of their salaries?  If so, does any of the extra amount roll over?  Seems unlikely as it would blow up the 2021 cap.  If so, I wonder if these 1-year deals are salary-heavy and light on signing bonus to mitigate that risk or paying a bonus for a short or cancelled season.

2) If the season is cancelled, do players get a year checked off on their existing deals?  We could have players who signed 1-year deals collect their roster and signing checks and never play a down and then be FAs again next season.  Good work if you can get it.

In any case, if the unused cap does not roll over, it seems like it makes sense to burn every dollar of it you can.  So if you can't sign new players with it, you might as well restructure or extend some deals to pull 2021 money into 2020.  

Anyone have any concrete info on this?  

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