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Would you consider trading into the top 10 for your choice of OT

Would you consider trading into the top 10 for your choice of OT  

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  1. 1. Would you consider trading into the top 10 for your choice of OT?

    • Yes
    • No, stay put and let fate decide
    • I'd prefer to trade down and target Josh Jones, Austin Jackson or fill this need later in the draft (Peart, Bartch)

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15 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

I don't follow college ball, so I don't really have a favorite of the top 4 Olinenem.

Doesn't seem like anyone does though.  The mock drafts I've seen over the last two months are constantly switching the order of the top 4.

Don't see the sense in trading away picks if all 4 are interchangeable.

Others have their lists or rankings but they are not interchangeable 

Becton is scheme diverse man mountain clear #1

Thomas is reliable professional would be 1 in any other crop but probably a better fit for Man than ZOne 

Wills is a natural RT but 6'4" better fit for man than zone and penalty prone

Wirfs is a rare athlete great zone scheme but might be an All Pro Guard instead of a LT solution 

They are all potentially blue chip top 10 picks and the Jets would have problems passing on any of them but I could see a scenario where Becton goes top 5 and there's a split decision on who the #2 OT will be. 

There's a very real chance all are gone by 11. 

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Just now, RedBeardedSavage said:

Listen, I’m not an expert, but it seems to me like Wills and Thomas are safer than Wirfs and Becton. 

No one really knows but the Jets probably have it Becton and Thomas as "safe" LT picks. Thomas has tons of actual SEC experience in big games and Becton has a high floor due to his planet theory measurements. 

Wirfs is safe (maybe amazing) as a guard but RT only? Can he play LT? It's a question. JD probably hates Wills for penalty reasons. 

Wills being "safe" is one of those things that's absolutely true for another offensive system.  I don't see Wills as being super safe as a Jets pick. They wouldn't pass on any of these 4 but they probably have their preferences.


5 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

It's not so much the need, bit, as it is the unusual likelihood of filling it with a 10 plus year starter given the quality in this draft. This is an unusual group, and I'd like to take one of those guys

And fwiw I don't see a huge gap between the tail end of this list and the top of tier 2. Or the top end of next year's draft to be honest. Sam Cosmi might be the perfect Gase lineman for all we know. They do like em tall. 

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2 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:


What Doggin said. And who is our RT right now? 

I'm happy with the moves we made so far. But I'm not at all sold on either tackle spot going into the year.


Edoga vs a draft pick (doesn't have to be 11, could be a rd 2 guy)

Alex Lewis has RT potential by the way 

George Fant is better than people are giving him credit for and even with a rookie he's going to be the starting LT (prediction)


im not going to convince anyone with words hopefully the tape can do some work here 

the Jets have added a bunch of bodies this offseason the line is better but the rest of the team needs to improve as well

OT, WR1, WR2, RB2, OLB2, CB2, are the major needs at the moment

they might need more at skills than line and I'm saying this as a dude who loves line 

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2 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

In 714 snaps, Jedrick Wills had just 4 false starts and 6 total penalties

3 came in the Iron Bowl against Auburn. He had a bad game. 



these sound like small numbers... compared to Thomas 1 penalty all year these are huge penalty issues

also ask any Tide fan they will say Wills has a reputation for penalties at the wrong time 

Becton also had a bad rivalry vs Kentucky he had his only 2 penalties of the season

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24 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

What if you include Jones in tier 1?  

Jones is not tier 1 due to arm length concerns 

I do like this player alot however and he could be a similar player to Beachum. 

they can get a starter at less than 1st round prices... in fact they probably already have.

This player probably won't be Orlando Pace however.  

11 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

I enjoyed this breakdown of Wills v Wirfs btw, and it's a big reason why I'm a Wills guy. 

Also would be happy to grab a player like Ben Bartch from St Johns later in the draft after reading about his senior bowl practice week. 

Both Wills and Wirfs came in under 6'5" and that could be a problem when projecting them to franchise LT. Wirfs has the athleticism at least but he's not necessarily a day 1 LT starter. He might be Trent Williams part 2 but he also might be Brandon Scherff in fact (or Robert Gallery) an Iowa dude who's kind of overdrafted and better at guard than tackle. 

Wills and Wirfs are 3 and 4 on my tackle list behind Becton and Thomas, and I would argue some teams have Wirfs at guard. 

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19 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

Good insights, as always.

Do you think it matters what side they start on, btw? Should I care if Wills remains on the right as a pro bowler for the next 10 years? It seems to me you need two good pass blocking tackles and I think the whole LT v RT distinction is getting less important. And for first rounders, while a baseline of NFL athleticism is an absolute must, the functionality of actual production (ready to play) can be more important. 

The ideal scenario for me is that teams are prioritizing freakish athleticism and classic LT projections over actual production and NFL readiness. If Becton and Wirfs go earlier than Thomas and Wills, I think that works in our favor.

Gase prioritizes height and agility in his linemen. JD prioritizes (in FA at least), technicians with less penalties. Wills is the venn diagram of being neither one of these favorite. He's shortish by tackle standards and penalty prone by college football standards.

again, they would have trouble passing on Wills.  But he could be a player they just don't like for whatever reason (and probably goes 8 to Arizona and plays 10 years out there and it's not an issue)

the larger issue is looking at the teams ahead of the NYJ, there's like 6 out of the top 10 with major OT needs.

there's a reasonable chance they miss out on 3 out of 4, if not all 4 of the tackles by 11. Hence this thread/poll. 



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12 minutes ago, nycdan said:

Definitely possible this year even though there's only been one draft perhaps ever with more than 3 OL taken in the top 10 picks (at least that I could find).  Also bear in mind while many teams have needs at OT, they usually also have other glaring needs as well.  NYG need lots, including a dominant LB like Simmons or even a WR.  And while it's early for them to take a WR, this is Gettleman we are talking about.

I think ARI and CLE are the clear-cut teams that should and probably will draft OL ahead of us, but I'd say the odds are maybe 50-50 that anyone else does and maybe 25% that four teams do.  Based on that, though, I think having a trade framed out to move up to 9 or even 7 isn't a terrible idea.  Trade value charts are barely even guidelines but using them as just that, it's 100 pts. to move to 9 and 250 pts. to move to 7.  Those equate to our lower third rounder (with some premium given by us) to get to 9 or our higher 3rd rounder plus next year's 3rd more or less to get to 7.  I'm not keen on the bigger move, but moving to 9 for our lower 3rd round pick to jump CLE if there is one guy we really like on the board after ARI picks makes sense to me.

NYG is almost certain to go OT and MIA makes a ton of sense too as does CAR (Russell Okung isn't a long term plan). 

put need aside for a second are the top 4 OT in the top 10 players in the draft? Other years, heck no, there might be one, but this year, it's entirely possible. 

Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Jeff Okudah, Isaiah Simmons, Derrick Brown and Tua. That's 6 dudes. Add the 4 tackles. Maybe someone takes a WR ahead of the NYJ but it's also possible no one does. 


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