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Request from a First Responder

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1 hour ago, Losmeister said:

thanks peebag...       shoulda done that meself...

btw...   why the moniker..??    it'sbizarre and funny and i pretty much dig it...  B)

very long and boring story  - so let's just keep the mystery!

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On 3/30/2020 at 7:17 PM, Jet_Engine1 said:

Didn't want this the get buried, and as opposed to my usual postings here, this is 100% sincere...


Please advise everyone you know, please DO NOT CALL 911 for Non Emergent reasons. The ER is not YOUR doctor. Paramedics, Rescue Units, Transport Services etc, and Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Rooms are being overrun with patients, and stretched very thin.

This is NOT the time to call 911 because you've been constipated for 2 days. This is NOT the time to call 911 for your Anxiety. Or a stomach ache. Or because your back injury from your car accident from 10 years ago is acting up. 

Our Men and Women are using PPE on every call, and we are to the point that we have to reuse N95s, and pretty soon we'll be wearing SCBAs to Respiratory calls if this continues.

Routine medical issues can and should be handled via non-emergency systems.  Call your doctor. Call an Urgent care. Or just man the **** up and deal with your simple issue, so we don't waste PPE, time, and worst of all, take a unit out of service for your "dizziness" or UTI while a truly emergent issue has to wait for a unit from the next zone over. 


And the Hospital is NOT a great place to be at any time, but especially now. WANT to be exposed to illness? Go to an ER.

I worked a shift on a Rescue yesterday to help out our Line personnel. Absurd. A 27 year old male called 911 for his "Anxiety" after watching the news. A household called 911 because a family member needed his catheter changed and they "didn"t want to do it".


Seriously. Please. Pass the word, and stop the spread. 

What about calling 911 because your nanny didn’t give you the iPad?  

my daughter called and hung up.  So two cops came and made sure everything was ok. 

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