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Red Dawn Mafia - Day 6

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1. New Beaver

2. Spoot

3. Barry - Wolverine, Killed N5

4. Jvill

5. AJ - Communist Goon, Killed N1

6. Pac - Wolverine, Lynched D4

7. JC - Town Bodyguard, Lynched D2

8. JETS - Wolverine, Lynched D3

9. AVM - Wolverine, Killed I dont remember when

10. Stark - Town Vigilante, Killed N2

11. Jif - Communist Symp, Killed N1

12. Drums - Killed N2

13. Leelou

14. 80 - Town Tracker, Lynched D1




Wolverine x7

Goon x2 

Role Mechanics
Vigilante - At Night the Vigilante may attempt to kill another player. (Visits)

Bodyguard - At Night the Bodyguard may choose to protect another player from being killed, if successful the Bodyguard will be killed instead of the player being protected. (Visits)

Tracker - Follows another player at Night to see who they Visited. If the player didn't Visit anyone the Tracker will be told "[The Player] stayed at home Tonight".
Janitor - Once per game at Night may choose to "clean up" another player. If that player dies in the same Night no role or alignment information will be given to the Town the following Day. That information will be given directly to the Janitor instead. (Visits)

Sympathizer - Mafia aligned but not part of the initial Mafia team. Knows who the Mafia team is while they do not know who the Symp is until they recall. Counts as Mafia for Endgame purposes (3 Townies 2 Goons and a Symp is a Mafia Win). At Night the Symp may Investigate another player to find out their Role. (Visits) The Mafia team can recall the Symp but must give up their Factional Kill for the Night to do so. (Visits) If the Symp is recalled he may no longer Investigate other players. The Symp may not control the Factional Kill unless he is recalled to the main Mafia Team.

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