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Red Dawn Mafia - Day 6


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16 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

You haven't said boo about JETS the whole game until he was L-1 and you jumped on for the hammer. It was me or JC and nothing else.

If he flips town you're #1 on my scum list. If he's scum then you're the GOAT.

good about time you argue with me scum.

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54 minutes ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

Pac and lee possible scum. 

Pac possible scum but was definitely bored.

I don't particularly care if scum wins..  towns power roles basically bent over so why should I put in crazy effort?

I have been saying Barry forever...  no one was listening so whatever..  if it takes you dying to get to night so be it.

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As the rest of the Wolverines scramble off the bus, their attack for the day clearly foiled, they take a route out of town they hadn't taken before. A few miles outside the town they came across a heavily guarded prison camp. It was filled with friends they knew from before who never escaped and wouldn't just go with the flow and made nuisances of themselves. Except as the Wolverines watched them it seemed as if so many were broken people. Ape was there, sitting quietly not bothering anyone, Crusher lay by a little fire like a deflated goodyear blimp. CTM, ragged and filthy, as usual, was sitting there with a screwdriver he managed to smuggle in unscrewing and rescrewing Gata-bots headcase. Gata-bot was missing an arm and half her torso and wires were sticking out everywhere, she was clearly not going to be repaired. Horrified and knowing they can't stay long the Wolverines begin backing off before they're spotted by a guard. Before they go Lizzie runs up to the fence, clearly out of his mind, and screams at them "Avenge me! Aveeeenngggeeee meeeeeeeee!!!!" With that echoing in their minds the remaining Wolverines retreat for the day.

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1. New Beaver

2. Spoot

3. Barry

4. Jvill

6. Pac

9. AVM

13. Leelou


Hmm..  Beaver seems pretty easy to lead astray so I may keep him alive.

Spoot hasn't made a correct decision since pre-covid so perhaps he'll pull through too.

Barry is VERY dangerous..  he's on to me so I may have to eliminate my greatest threat.

JVill has done nothing but has voted me a few times or at least expressed a willingness to.

AVM gets drunk on non-alcoholic beer so perhaps safe to let live

Leelou hasn't done anything so may leave her alive too..


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As you all woke up and exited your tents, knowing the end was getting close, you noticed AVM was sleeping in. You gave him some time and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally someone decided to check on him. What they found was a sight to see. AVM was face down and naked with bottles of lube emptied all over his tent. He was obviously dead judging by the color of his skin. As you all stared wondering what sort of awful degeneracy took his life his pet gerbil, Verbal, literally crawled out of his ass squeaked once in triumph at escaping and fell over dead. This war has claimed too many innocent victims.

AVM, Wolverine, has been killed

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