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Red Dawn Mafia - Day 6


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35 minutes ago, Pac said:

Nolder should stick with playing...  fun to play with...  good player...  but the modding thing...  I dunno.

You gotta stay on top of this sh-t and keep the game moving.

Don't get your panties all in a twist Nolder..  I'm saying I enjoy games more when you're playing in them..  the modding thing tho..  ehhh.

Just saying, this is why I like making my games deadline games. I will set an alarm and wake up to be here on time when needed. Hammer games are a lot harder for me because I have such an erratic sleep schedule. 

29 minutes ago, Pac said:

meanwhile somewhere northern California our mod contemplates the scene

smoke weed GIF

I live in LA county......

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Things were getting tense in town as what was left of the Communist takeover prepared to square off against the Wolverine resistance. There wasn't many left and reinforcements weren't coming so they had to outwit the Americans instead of sit idly by as they were picked off one by one. So they laid a trap and left food on the road and as predicted one American couldn't help but stuff his fat American face. Pac dipped down onto the road to grab all he could eat as if he was at a buffet. When he returned to his friends, the trap was sprung and a helicopter could be heard chopping the air as it approached...



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