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Big News Jets Fans. Kaysar Might Be ON Big Brother All Stars August 5 On CBS

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Sheldon definitely was the best player in the game. He won 2 HOH’s before his season was unfortunately shut down because of Covid19

Sheldon is also a professional wrestler!

well on Wednesday he’s doing an AMA on reddit

go ask him a question Jetnation ! 


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What the hell?

Welcome back 2008, how we've missed you.

Jetsrule and DWC should win some type of award for being able to carry on their schtick for so long. We’re talking decades now, amazing! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

Just now, JoeC36 said:

Evan! You're really still doing this? I know for a fact your thread is still here. Use the search function bubby 

I need some quarantine entertainment buddy 

did not even think of using the search 

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11 minutes ago, nj meadowlands said:

I'd like to propose that as long as we are all quarantined, jetsrule128 is allowed to start as many threads as he wants.

I 2nd that

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