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There should be baseball now. However conditions prevent it. This sucks. At least we can have some baseball conversation, How about your all time favorite team by position. Not necessarily the best, just the ones you are/were a fan of. Not meaningful, but fun to think about. 

Mine (second place):

RHP: Seaver (Dick Selma)

LHP: Koosman (Ron Locke)

Closer: Orosco (John Franco)

CA: Grote (Gary C.)

1B: Keith (Kranepool)

2B: Ron Hunt (Ken Boswell)

SS: Ozzie Smith (Amed Rosario)

3B: Brooks Robinson (Kevin Collins)

LF:  Cleon Jones (McReynolds)

CF: Willie Mays (Agee) 

RF: Ron Swoboda (Strawberry) 

Manager: Davey Johnson (Hodges)


just tryin' to get some baseball moving on April 5th here


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good lists.

I like the fact that the best guitarist to come out of pro sports is on a couple of lists

I also appreciate the Yankee fans listing Mets such as Torre, Randolf, Henderson and Cone, etc. Nice tribute to … say what? they played for Yanks too? oh … nevermind

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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

In an effort to force more diverse choices than just picking players from your favorite team, how about picking favorites for each team?

These are mine:

  • Yankees:  David Cone, Tino Martinez
  • Red Sox:  Wade Boggs, Jason Varitek
  • Blue Jays:  John Olerud
  • Orioles:  Melvin Mora
  • Rays:  Carl Crawford
  • Tigers:  Cecil Fielder
  • Indians:  Omar Vizquel, Kenny Lofton
  • Royals:  Raul Ibanez
  • Twins:  Kirby Puckett, Torii Hunter
  • White Sox:  Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko
  • Mariners:  Ken Griffey Jr
  • Angels:  Garrett Anderson, Mike Trout
  • A's:  Tim Hudson, Miguel Tejada
  • Astros:  Jeff Bagwell
  • Rangers:  Ivan Rodriguez
  • Mets:  David Wright, Bartolo Colon
  • Braves:  Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux
  • Phillies:  Roy Halladay
  • Nationals/Expos:  Vlad Guerrero, Javier Vazquez
  • Marlins:  Luis Castillo, Josh Beckett
  • Cubs:  Kerry Wood
  • Pirates:  Jason Kendall
  • Brewers:  Prince Fielder
  • Reds:  Adam Dunn, Aroldis Chapman
  • Cardinals:  Jim Edmonds
  • Dodgers:  Shawn Green
  • Giants:  Jeff Kent
  • Rockies:  Larry Walker
  • Padres:  Tony Gwynn
  • Diamondbacks:  Randy Johnson

ooooh .. great thinking ! 

  • Yankees:  Whitey Ford, Bernie Williams
  • Red Sox:  Chuck Schilling, Gene Conley
  • Blue Jays:  Rick Cerone
  • Orioles: Brooks Robinson, Mark Belanger
  • Rays: Jim Morris
  • Tigers:  Al Kaline (RIP), Frank Lary
  • Indians:  Tom Waddell, Max Alvis
  • Royals:  Amos Otis, Fran Healy
  • Twins:  Harmon Killebrew, Mudcat Grant
  • White Sox:  Joel Horlen, Dave Nicholson
  • Mariners:  Tom Paciorek
  • Angels:  Bob Belinsky, Jim Fregosi (despite)
  • A's:  Satchel Paige, Ed Charles
  • Astros/ Colt 45's: Daniel Joseph Staub, Bob Aspromonte
  • Senators/Rangers:  Buster Narum, Brant Alyea
  • Mets:  George T. Seaver, Ron Hunt (+ Keith, Doc, Gary C, Darryl and Ron Locke)
  • Braves:  Eddie Mathews, Carlton Willey
  • Phillies:  Chris Short, Mike Schmidt
  • Nationals/Expos:  John Boccabella, Crazy Horse Foli
  • Marlins:  Jose Reyes
  • Cubs:  Ron Santo, Ernie Banks
  • Pirates:  Dick Stuart, Roberto Clemente
  • Brewers/Pilots; Jim Bouton
  • Reds:  Joey Jay, Sammy Ellis
  • Cardinals:  Bob Chuplsa, Mike Parisi
  • Dodgers:  Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale
  • Giants:  Willie Mays, Chuck Hiller
  • Rockies:  Andres Galarraga
  • Padres:  Tony Gwynn
  • Diamondbacks:  Wilmer Flores

now THAT was fun

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