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Cimini on Sirius radio.....


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The info below is from the Jets Confidential board. (BrowningNagle...poster)

Happily caught an entire 10 minute interview with Rich Cimini on the Sirius NFL am show. Some tidbits for those who are interested:

Jet camp has been silent - no info coming out of Jet camp except for the press conferences. So most of his info is basically speculation! Didn't come off as bitter as some of his counterparts - cough - Cantizarro - cough.

He believes a compromise will be worked out with Chad - not many options for Chad out there and this new regime does not have the loyalty that Herm felt. Look for something to happen before a bonus is due to chad on March 3.

He thinks that John Abe will be franchised and traded before the draft. Cap savings and more picks

Curtis will be asked to take a major restructure ala Chad - Curtis more open to the idea. He thinks Curtis wants to play one more year and then probably retire a Jet.

Jets are not counting on Chad as their starter - definitely bringing in another vet and probably drafting another QB

Draft - stand pat or trade down - would love Bush but doubt they will pay the price to move up. Brick is the safe pick thus far but can change before draft.

Nothing really new but it was good to hear some Jet talk not being spoon fed from internal "Herm" sources. Next year may be a tough one but I firmly believe we have the coaching and front office base of a winner! Finally!

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