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Marcus Maye: Free Safety. 4 Career INTs: Where are all of his game changing plays as a Free Safety?!?

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I feel and believe that the Jamal Adams thread has ran it's course (mods please feel free to lock). 

Because it's now time for us to move on to and/or move over (one position) and talk about Jamal's teammate and running mate...

Marcus Maye: 

38 games played (compared to his teammate who's played in 46 games).

3 years (same as his teammate). 

27 years old (compared to his teammate who's only 24 years of age). 

178 tackles (273 tackles out of his teammate). 

137 solo tackles (210 solo tackles out of his teammate). 

1 Tackle for Loss (28  tackles for  loss out of his teammate). 

11 Passes Defended (25 passes defended out of his teammate). 

0.5 sacks (12.0 sacks out of his teammate). 

0 QB hits (23 QB hits out of his teammate).

2 fumbles forced (6 fumbles forced out of his teammate).

0 fumble recoveries (4 fumble recoveries out of his teammate). 

4 CAREER INTERCEPTIONS (2 INTs out of his teammate). 

0 defensive touchdowns (2 defensive touchdowns from his teammate). 

And suddenly you do realize why there isn't a single NFL owner and/or an NFL GM looking to part ways with multiple draft picks (including a 1st Round Pick) for... "Marcus Maye". 

Where is all the JN hate for Marcus Maye due to a lack of INT's and his Hidden Production?

Where is all the JN hate and complains over Marcus Maye's lack of game changing impactful plays as an NFL starting Free Safety?

Because Marcus Maye is the one who (actually) plays the same (sexy) position of Free Safety as ball hawks such as Ed Reed, Rod Woodson, Steve Atwater, Darren Sharper, Brian Dawkins, Earl Thomas, and Ronnie Lott (to name a few). 

But yet no mention of only 4 career interceptions? No mention of trading him away for a bag of chips? 

And if we're going to judge Maye by the same standards we judge his teammate well then where are the complaints of his career losing record of only 14-24 overall? (i learned that one from @#27TheDominator

And no mention how (while his teammate plays all over the field at each and every position outside of d-line and makes a living attacking QB's and tackling RB's for losses behind the line of scrimmage etc) the only job of Marcus Maye is to play back in deep zone coverage as a Center Fielder who watches the Quarterbacks eyes at all time; but yet only has 4 INT's ala two more than his teammate? 

And last but not least... Where are his Forced Fumbles at? 0? Some say he hits like Ronnie Lott coming out lol.


Are we just not allowed to simply crap all over Marcus Maye with the same type of treatment we've given his teammate over the past 3 years? 

I'd love to hear all your stories about his hidden production and his game changing impactul 4 career INT's... Please. Tell us all about Marcus Maye (the talking down on his teammate has ran it's course).

PS: 0 All-Rookie team, 0 Pro Bowls. 0 All-Pros and 0 Top 100's. 

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Even Marcus Maye is overrated here.  Eddie Jackson, Marcus Williams, Budda Baker (240 solo tackles, 18 TFLs + All-Pro for Special Teams)  and Desmond King are all Safeties from that 2017 draft class that have had better careers thus far, and all but Baker were available to us at 2.39.  

It's just that he was a 2nd round pick and isn't demanding an $18-20M per year extension.  So his version of being overrated is much more palatable.  

Had we taken Deshaun Watson in round 1 and Marcus Maye in round 2, we'd be more than happy with the results to date.  Then again, Macc would still be our GM, so.....

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Glad to have you on the board Jamal. I think you're a great player, but since you asked one difference could be not being drafted 6th overall and now looking for a new contract three years into his rookie deal. Wait, it's not you looking for a new deal it's your evil agent holding you hostage... Also, as already mentioned above Maye might be off the team or will return at far less than you will command. Those resources would be better used on the other side of the ball. There are plenty of holes and safety isn't a priority generally unless you have a foundation in place. Other positions matter far more in the eyes of others. If I can trade you for a stud o-lineman and some other stuff I would. Revis never carried the Jets and neither will you unfortunately. I'm not against you I just don't have ties to you other than you being a Jet. The Jet part is what matter as players come and go.  

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9 minutes ago, JTJet said:

Jamal Adams begs for attention, constantly. Even considering his production, believes he should be paid as the top of his position. Cries when rumors start about him being traded, and no matter how he portrays himself, puts himself before the team. 

... Marcus Maye does none of that.  

So if Jamal wants to act that way, he gets held to a higher standard, regardless of stats. 

It really is that simple. 


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1 hour ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

And just so everyone knows.

Before you take me too seriously please understand that I was only being sarcastic and when I created this thread I was actually mocking all of the #33 critics (while trying to sound just like them) while completely ripping apart one of my favorite Jets; because yes, I love what Marcus Maye does as a Center Fielder @ FS.

Just weird to me how one SS gets ripped a new one and his teammate in a FS isn't mentioned. 

Thank God you told me that. I've been worrying all day that SpammingBoyWonder had become cynical about Marcus Maye while checking on Covid-19 positive residents in my city today. 


Bro, shut the **** up. You've been banned over and over again everywhere  Take the goddamned hint. 

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