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Blade Mafia - Blood of the Forefathers

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Good luck, town! Thank you all for the distraction.  I thoroughly enjoyed killing Nolder, Hess and CTM (and hammering Lizzie). I didn't want to mention it, but yesterday and today I've playe

You guys think we're worthy of a Netflix special?  Being quarantined, I've literally browsed their entire library.  They've got every type of documentary/docu series about anything you could ever imag

Wrong one.  

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I was rooting for Verb to pull this off anyway, nice ******* game dude.  I mean, not really, DPR took some acid and just proper ****ed the town but good job of making sure he got the brown doses. 

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6 minutes ago, Verbal said:

That shot scene sounded like a vest, though.


51 minutes ago, Verbal said:

I earned a shot and went after JiF, no luck.


48 minutes ago, Verbal said:

At this point, I don't blame you.  Honestly, I'm town - I earned a gun via Spidey memes, and shot JiF hoping to hero shot end this madness.  It was blocked, meaning he has a vest.....meaning he lied AGAIN.

In a game with 184 kills and SK’s and Cults and Vigs, nobody is earning a free shot with ******* memes. 

As soon as it’s day, it’s a speed lynch for you. 

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1 minute ago, Verbal said:

**** no, I've been submitting that shot for a while - hell, I did it during night for daybreak.

Who did you shoot?

Also, you can’t pre-order actions - this isn’t Amazon

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Just now, DPR said:

It’s Mafia. Majority rules. 2 votes over one sorry ass lame mother****ing shot...

Bullsh*t.  I submitted during the night for daybreak.  He's been pausing for shots at daybreak (or conversion attempts) all game long, can't change that now.

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