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Blade Mafia - Blood of the Forefathers

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Good luck, town! Thank you all for the distraction.  I thoroughly enjoyed killing Nolder, Hess and CTM (and hammering Lizzie). I didn't want to mention it, but yesterday and today I've playe

You guys think we're worthy of a Netflix special?  Being quarantined, I've literally browsed their entire library.  They've got every type of documentary/docu series about anything you could ever imag

Wrong one.  

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

One rage naps and the other gets banned from the thread by Crusher.  

I don't think this place will survive both Ape and Lizzie's absence. Might as well shut it down lol

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11 minutes ago, DPR said:

It was PAC actually - which is kind of the same thing when you think about it.

Pac's more swine flu if we are comparing him to a virus, for obv reasons

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Official Vote Count:

Hess (1) - Hess

80 (1) - 80

AVM (1) - AVM

JiF (1) - Nolder

Nolder (2) - Gata, Drums

Verbal (4) - Leelou, 80, Nyn, Verbal

LK (1) - Barry

Barry (1) - DPR

Beaver (1) - Stark


With 21 reapers alive, it takes 12 to lynch

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20 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


Wrong one.



I remember wanting to create a bat single with a pecker in it for Jif, and figured I'd try google first. I wasn't sure what to search that wouldn't result in a SERP filled with things I don't want to be seeing and after a carefully constructed query being like yep, you can find anything on the internet when I came across this gem.

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4 hours ago, Nolder said:

Your dog looks happy Jif. You should spend more time with her.


Vote Jif

This is a gross vote. Only scum would want to lynch Jif D1...


..and maybe Ape.

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30 minutes ago, A.J. said:

Probably names all his team in a single post 

And then pac idiot ignores the noob who points it out, only to blame the noobs for not listening to him at the end.

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