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Blade Mafia - Blood of the Forefathers


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40 minutes ago, CTM said:

I'm barely paying attention and knew that, you said it 2x I think.. jfc

So about the PR thing?

35 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Again, this isn't the game for this.  This is a game to rack up dead bodies.  The game is happening with the Night/Day actions.  The noose is a very small part of it.  


32 minutes ago, Drums said:

That's over man. Real mafia now. Give reads.


32 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Even if cult is done recruiting, the game is all about off thread actions.  Have you not noticed the dead bodies piling up?  Come on now.  

^^^This is one of the more interesting exchanges of the game...

80, who has been beating the drum about cult and conversions all game is seemingly unworried about lynches and depending on an SK to kill cult? I don't even know how I feel about that.

Then Drums says flat out "that's over now"...

Now for the record, I agree since we haven't seen any more conversions - another reason why I want to figure out if anyone is getting vote controlled since there were no conversion attempts D1 and we did have vote controlling.

27 minutes ago, Drums said:

@AVM thoughts on Lee?

I mentioned this in one of my long response posts (rule 14 @CTM)...but yeah, I started backing off when it seemed like she was maybe implying she had some sort of guilty on DPR...but between the back and forth with her and Nyn and her constantly lurking she's about to get my vote

23 minutes ago, Leelou said:

My thoughts so far, doubt SMC is town. 

JiF, 80 most likely town.

AVM, JC, Jvill, Stark, and Verbal probably town. 

CTM is either town or a convert. 

Drums, meh not town.

Boozer, could vote there.

Something feels off about the pirate.

Can’t read Barry. 

Also could vote for Beaver.

I forgot Beaver was playing...

Which seems like a pretty important thing for a conversion game...

21 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:


I was watching the timing on this in real time and JF80's post was 1 minute after Pac's scene.

The fact that he says he can role block on even nights when the Hess role was odd nights makes it very believable to me. That would be really quick thinking on his feet to come up with it 1 minute away. I don't know if that's what JiF has been hinting at but I was thinking about this on my way home from the local brewery before I saw JiF's post.

If it's a fake reveal it's very well done and quick thinking by JF80.



8 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

It was 1 minute later. I was watching in real time.


Does anyone else find it suspicious that Hess accused JiF of being Blade and was killed by Blade shortly after? Hess pointed at Nyn (apprentice SK)/JiF interactions as the reason. I looked into this and nyn did have JiF as town, and gave him some defending. 

^^This helps, a lot...I just don't think 80 is lying. Could he have been converted? Maybe...but Blade and CL first so he's lower on the list and we could probably vet his NA's as I would imagine after being converted town PR's would lose their abilities?

Though...maybe some PR's can't be converted? IDK...something to think about there...

5 minutes ago, Leelou said:

Cool story. Am I an sk or vamp in your book? 

...I actually want to hear his answer

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On 4/17/2020 at 2:26 PM, AVM said:

Disclaimer that I spotlighted Pac's posts, so I may have missed some updates from Decker in between. Also note Hess put Gata at L-3 shortly after I voted her (which Pac did a VC of)...Gata did an unofficial once, so I grabbed that instead. Also a disclaimer that I'm copy/pasting in from some VC's so there's some of that weird formatting stuff again

Stall vs Final for GATA:

Stalled - Gata (9) - Lizzie, AJ, Jvill, Drums, Stark, Beaver, Leelou, AVM, Hess
Final - Gata (12) - Lizzie, jvill, Stark, Leelou, AVM, Nolder, JIF, 80, CTM, AJ, SMC, JC


  • Hess and AJ both jumped off and back on - Hess twice
    • sub-note that I had thought JiF had been on GATA before me but didn't catch that here...possible he was on prior to the first one I grabbed
  • Beaver and Drums dropped off, didn't come back on
  • During the VC's grabbed Lizzie, jville, Stark, Leelou, AVM, Nol and JiF parked on GATA and didn't move for essentially 48 hours
    • May be missing data points but 80 and CTM added and parked there no later than 10PM-ish the night before she was lynched
  • SMC and JC the only two "new" people at the very end

Stall vs current for Lizzie:

Stalled - Lizzie (7) - Nyn, AVM, Verbal, JC, 80, Beaver, JIF
Current - 
Lizzie (7) - Nyn, AVM, Verbal, JC, 80, Beaver, Hess


  • 6 players have parked here and not moved - Nyn, AVM, Verb, JC, 80 and Beaver
  • JiF and Hess have changed over the past 24 hours or so


Combined notes/thoughts:

  • AVM (me) the only to park and stay on both, though I'd give 80 a sort of given he parked on Gata so late
  • AVM (me), 80 and JC the only 3 on the final GATA, stalled Lizzie and current Lizzie
  • Boozer, Barry, DPR the only names not present on any of the 3 trains - someone correct me if wrong
  • Worth noting there have been conversions between stalled Lizzie and current Lizzie...so the data up to and including the Lizzie stall should be good with some concerns after that...but it's only a flip between JiF and Hess


2 hours ago, SMC said:

 Interesting to look at Lizzie Lynch Vote

Lizzie (10) - Nyn, AVM, Verbal, JC, 80, Beaver, Hess, JIF, CTM, SMC

Stark (1) - AJ

Beaver (1) Lizzie

DPR (1) - Leelou

JIF (1) - 32EBoozer

Drums (1) - Stark

80 (3) - Barry, DPR, Drums 

There's 3 more scum in that group

Grabbing to put these two together...

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2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

Johnny F'n Chan!

Quarantine got me day drinking like a mofo.

FWIW I feel the pain of the vets. When I play poker against a noob I am very frustrated and can hardly tell if they've got the nuts or bottom pair.


No pain at all, I just think its funny the temptation to say things like I'll retire or never trust you again. With enough games under your belt you'll experience being lied to by everyone and having completely unexpected turn of events happen 

Hear you on poker  noobs but in person they are kinda easy to read, the do basic bitch stuff like fake weakness when strong and strength when weak.. online way different and more like what you describe. Lots just hang around and catch something that ****s you .. especially low limit,  they have no discipline for long game 

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Stall vs Final for GATA:

Stalled - Gata (9) - Lizzie, AJ, Jvill, Drums, Stark, Beaver, Leelou, AVM, Hess
Final - Gata (12) - Lizzie, jvill, Stark, Leelou, AVM, Nolder, JIF, 80, CTM, AJ, SMC, JC


Stall vs Final for Lizzie:

Stalled - Lizzie (7) - Nyn, AVM, Verbal, JC, 80, Beaver, JIF (Hess was also here at the stall)
Final - Lizzie (10) - Nyn, AVM, Verbal, JC, 80, Beaver, Hess, JIF, CTM, SMC


  • Seems highly likely to me (right now) that 80 was town at the time of Gata's lynch...otherwise you're talking about 2 roleblockers for different days on cult or 3 "SK" aligned players? Doesn't seem to fit but irrelevant to the train analysis..
    • Statistically speaking it's almost impossible there were not at least two non-town players on that train, right? Gata did make it easy for them though...but the fact that the train stalled out for so long makes it REALLY hard for me to believe scum were not going to touch Gata
  • On the final train for both we have AVM (me), JC, 80, JiF, CTM and SMC...there is almost certainly scum in that pool if we were to narrow it down, but still like shooting fish in a barrel to a degree
  • SMC and CTM in at the end of both of those lynches but were not on when they stalled is among the best look I've got
  • AVM (me) the only person on all 4 trains

Unrelated notes:

  • @CTM at one point yesterday you asked Barry to say definitively that he was town...anything to add?
  • Still nothing about vote controlling and I feel like we're glossing over it?
  • Barry, Boozer and DPR not on any of the trains...which is good, except for the issue of the conversions
    • Barry came through that re-read looking really strong, if it's an act it's a damn good one
  • The back and forth between Drums and 80 felt weird...I get wanting to get to night earlier but there are two non-town killing roles out there and maybe 3 based on Pac's last scene? And 1-2 shots that can happen during the day. Getting to and through night won't help if we come through it with good intel and shots are fired immediately

Want to check vote count...either CTM or Leelou. The CTM/SMC coming in at the end of two townie lynches that had stalled is of note...if we're looking for Blade and CL in particular. Early CTM play didn't ping me as cult or blade or anything in particular...more disinterested town, but I swear it's almost like he has a PR...

For me it's Leelou, CTM, or SMC as a bit further down 3rd.

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