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It's fun when it's in Cali and you have all your friends there, but the not sleeping part kinda sucks. When my eyes start twitching after I've been staring at a computer screen for hours...I'm just happy caffeine exists at that point.

Ysounds like fun. I did the whole commute an hour each way and live at home. So I didn't have the "normal" college experience.

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I know over this side of the pond, the BBC were showing it, but it was something like 1am.

Oh I meant white people in America. It's a show absolutely beloved over here.

I've heard so muh about this Omar character but Stringer Bell seems more kickass to me so far through season one, in case you're interested.

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Know what annoys me? People that say they want a faster metabolism. You can have some of mine if you want, hyperthyroidism isn't all it's cut out to be.

I started working out at the beginning of the summer and I'm eating approximately all the time just to keep my current weight while gaining some muscle (I guess what most people would consider "cutting"--but that's only because I'm physically incapable of bulking up lol.) I'm 6'3 170 and have managed to maintain that (woot!). But this metabolism sh*te keeps me awake all the time, forcing a caffeine dependency, which creates a vicious circle of not sleeping. Twitching eyes blow.

Last year I spent a few months swimming heavily and went from 170 to 155 in a couple of months. It was not cool.

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