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WR Marquise Lee??

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Interesting. Not sure the bang for the buck is there though. We obviously need the bodies, but I think there are quite a few guys in this draft I could be as good or better for peanuts compared to what Lee can demand. Would rather just draft two and sign a Logan Ryan for that price.

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Lee is definitely a bust, but to be fair, his primary QB over his 5-year career was Blake Bortles.  

Given the trend of Douglas kicking the tires on highly drafted WR's who busted out, it makes him a candidate to be given a look.  That would put two former 1st rounders (Perriman, Doctson) and a 2nd rounder (Lee) on the roster.

No reason not to take a flier on him.

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1 hour ago, mrcoops said:

A total of 174 receptions and 8 TDs over his 6 year career.

Not that productive, has been oft injured, will want a nice contract.

It's a no from me.

Will want?  That's nice.  Will get: cheap one-year prove it deal

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41 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

Chicken legs Lee....Lol (for those who remember the 2014 WR draft debates).    That’s proven to be pretty accurate given his injury history thus far.  

good thing Idzik passed on him!  
uh... wait..

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