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Poll of the Week: Excitement level for draft

How would you describe you excitement level for the upcoming draft  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. I am

    • Like an 8 year old 3 days before Christmas
    • Very very excited
    • Excited but its not everything
    • Meh, I hope we get good picks and I will check it out but don't really buy into the draft hype
    • Yawn...hate the draft, but Ill look up who we get eventually
  2. 2. How much will you watch

    • All 3 days live
    • First 2 days live, 3rd day maybe live maybe on DVR so I can fast forward
    • Just the first round live, might DVR the other days
    • Will DVR all days and fast forward to Jets picks
    • Will DVR first day probably not bother with 2nd and wrd
    • Won't watch

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This is a pretty exciting draft for a few reasons.  

1. The draft is part of the preparation for what will be a critical year for Darnold.  Either he progresses and starts showing he is on the way to being a quality NFL QB, or he doesn't.  The draft selection will almost certainly play a role in that story.

2.  The draft is very deep at the two positions of greatest need for the Jets.  OL and  WR

3. Joe D's first draft.  We'll be watching and judging... 

BUT... There is one, HUGE bucket of cold water to toss on those hot topics.

GASE is still the HC.  A guy with a horrendous record and even less charm.  I have ZERO belief in him as a HC.

However... Those items I listed above will transcend Gase, who's ass will surely be gone before the 2021 off season begins.

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