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I don’t care if CJ Henderson ends up being Deion Motherf^cking Sanders. If Douglas picks that guy over even a GOOD OT or solid receiving prospect, I’m walking over to the hospital and licking every ha

No.  Quinnen was the safe pick.  Taking Becton required balls.  

Woooooooo get up. It’s draft day. There are no sports anymore and may never will be, but don’t let that get you down. It’s a new day, Joe Douglas is in charge, and he’s going to purge the miasma of ev

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I'm not a fan of Becton.  I don't ever think he'll be a LT. I really hope Fant works out at LT. Worst case scenario for Becton is that I think he can be a great Guard so even if he doesn't work out at tackle I think the pick will work out. 

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

Jerry Jones is on Skype with Douglas right now making Joe do the Truffle Shuffle for this pick.

At the same time, Steven Jones is turning off the ATT wifi to Jerry's office. 

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19 minutes ago, MS jets Fan said:

Jeudy is a slot guy we have Crowder settle down my man.calm down colin jost GIF by Saturday Night Live

You also heard per mcshay “he is the best route runner he ever seen.”  Explosive plus great route runner equal unstoppable like tyreek.

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1 minute ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Dude look at that setup Jerry has going, that dude does not use Skype. He's got holograms that are being controlled by robot sex slaves or some sh*t in there. 

Same. Same.

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Just now, Warfish said:

I don’t see the Becton pick as a love/hate pick. I see it as a wait and see pick. Boom or bust but no way to know for now. Huge potential and upside balanced by huge risk. Only time will tell.

But it’s Oline, it’s investment in protecting Darnold, good things. We go WR, WR and Center in rounds 2-3 and this is a good draft.

No need to be pro/con today. Just hopeful Becton lives up to his potential.

Perfectly said. 

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