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I don’t care if CJ Henderson ends up being Deion Motherf^cking Sanders. If Douglas picks that guy over even a GOOD OT or solid receiving prospect, I’m walking over to the hospital and licking every ha

No.  Quinnen was the safe pick.  Taking Becton required balls.  

Woooooooo get up. It’s draft day. There are no sports anymore and may never will be, but don’t let that get you down. It’s a new day, Joe Douglas is in charge, and he’s going to purge the miasma of ev

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Just now, TeddEY said:

Maybe to us.  Would make WR a problem, but would bring our first pass rusher since Abraham.

1st round: Becton

2nd round: *traded for Ngakoue*

3rd round: WR Devin Duvernay 

3rd round: WR Van Jefferson 

Aye, why not?

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11 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Yeah in college just overmatching guys. Need more that in the NFL.  Maybe he will be great, but he needs work, those types never work out for us . We need NFL ready guys. Sam’s going into his third year with a project at left tackle. Comforting 

I hear macaroni and cheese is comfort food. Hint hint

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5 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

Maybe to us.  Would make WR a problem, but would bring our first pass rusher since Abraham.

I’d reach @The Crusher level irate if we didn’t draft WR in the first 2 rounds of the most talented WR draft since the LAST one where we didn’t draft any

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10 minutes ago, JetBlue said:

This board is unreal.  There have been mocks we have all seen with Becton going in the top 10 - 15 picks.  Why is everyone acting like we picked some bum off the street?  Just because some of you fell in love with "your guy" at OT didn't mean JD or the majority of teams felt the same way.   I have seen Mocks with Becton going as high as the Giants at 4 and a ton with him going to the Browns.  Why is everyone freaking out?  Wirfs was passed over by the Giants, Browns as well as the Jets and he is a RT who has never played LT!  You have a your choice of a TRUE LT with the size and ability of Becton and you take Wirfs instead?  Why?  He may have a higher floor but it is not THAT much higher and Bectons ceiling is MUCH higher.    He talks about going up against Bradley Chubb a few years as a freshman and holding his own.  If you here this kid talk, he is FEARLESS.  That is who you want protecting Sams blindside. 


@The Crusher doesn't like him and Crusher loves fatties like @Jetscode1 loves Screech.

But then again @JiF loves Becton.

So I'm torn.  


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