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Your 1st round OFFENSIVE nightmare pick at 11

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oklahoma wrs and Wisconsin RBs are no go’s for me

With that system and that conference, they can plug anyone in there to put up those stats

i really paid attention to him one game, the LSU game, and Stingley was on his hip the whole game.  They had to start moving him around to get Stingley off him to get him some looks 

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Only Defense at #11 would make me unhappy.

WR (Jeudy)?  OT (BAP of Big Three)?  Both fine.

This draft needs to be about building around Sam Darnold.

That means Weapons (WR #1, WR #2, RB) and Blockers (Center, Tackle, Guard) and if possible, a backup QB both for if Sam gets hurt, and if Sam never becomes what we want after he gets weapons and defenders.

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9 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

I’ve made my peace with any of the 4 OTs and 3 WRs.   I can’t imagine an offensive player outside of those 7 being selected.  Even if they reached for a Mims or Higgins I’d be fine.  

Any of the big 7 are fine with me at this point.  I'd also be fine with Okudah, since CB is just as big a need.

Nightmare scenario is Simmons or Brown drop

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Keeping things realistic, I wouldn't be bummed if we drafted Becton but taking him at 11 is my least desired outcome for tonight.

Feels like another Quinnen situation, a guy with a ton of upside who is raw and may take a while to round himself out. This team doesn't have the time to keep waiting on projects.

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44 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

What offensive pick at 11 would get you really upset?

For me it is Becton. It seems like every recent mock is converging on Becton to Jets and I think that is just a nightmare. So he ran a fast 40 at his size...who the eff cares? He SUCKED at pass protection in college. He is not the way to protect Sam


Well, guess it had to be said.

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