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Daniel Jeremiah Has Jeudy Going to Tampa

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That's a lot lower than some Jets fans want him at.

If that happens that Tampa offense - looks sick on paper. Assuming Tampa has a good o-lone, father time doesn't suddenly catch up with Brady, and Gronk is still Gronk.

Saints v Bucs games may be like college scores, 63 - 56. Falcons Bucs games too perhaps. Gunslinging NFC South.

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2 minutes ago, KINGDIRK said:

What if Arians adjusts to the strengths of his 42 year old QB instead? 

He will. Because he’s a good coach. But I imagine he’ll keep an element of deep passing as well especially given the skillset of Godwin and Evans.

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1 hour ago, PS17 said:

The Browns offense looked sick on paper last off-season. They went for sexy skill players while depleting their line. And the offense sucked.

Tampa needs line help, not more receivers.

IT WOULDN’t surprise me to see the Raiders do a Trade with Tampa  bay.    Gabe Jackson on the trade block, and probably only cost them third day pick,

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