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"Jets Feel Really Comfortable With Fant at LT" - Cimini

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I'm sure this is true. They targeted him in FA and give him starting Tackle money.

Doesn't mean we don't go Tackle though. A rookie could play RT at least for one year, or Fant could move to RT if the rookie is ready to play on the left.

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Just now, TNJet said:

I hate how right now all these analysts fcks try to get on there and tell everyone whats going to happen. Like taking the excitement out of it. Bastards.

Exactly.  Their job is to get a rise out of people and as this thread has shown it works lol

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Just now, Irish Jet said:

I’ve thought this for a while and it’s pretty terrifying.

Would have been better off with Beachum.

I doubt any of our one year rental FA’s are on roster the following season. All trash.

I don’t believe any of these analysts.  I think OL is gonna be a big part of this draft 

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3 hours ago, C Mart said:






Tony Pauline

⁦‪@Kevin747747‬⁩ ⁦‪@PFN365‬⁩ Great fit but i think the Jets are set on Fant at LT...

4/22/20, 8:47 PM

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Can we bookmark this thread so we remember next year that everything we hear before the draft are lies and deception?

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