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Welcome to the Jets! What a beast, will be on that left side for the next 10 years 

My first thought was "How old is this f-cking kid?!"

The first time he ragdolls a 270 lb. DE you are all going to forget about the whining and moaning threads.  This guy can be the OL version of Kris Jenkins.  Let's give JD and Becton a chance here.

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3 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

Well... They took the guy that I thought they should stay away from.  Yes, big upside, but also very risky.  Now that they went ahead and did it, I am enjoying the pick.  For an offensive lineman, this is an uncharacteristically sexy pick.  If he can be coached to improve his technique to a pro level, he is going to be an insanely good player.  

With this pick, Joe Douglas put his ass on the line... 

I like this pick because it wasn't safe.

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6 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Becton has a lot of work to do, but also has a lot to work with.  

People can wring their hands over their own personal grades of him(or Wirfs) but in reality, he's probably the best OL on the team immediately.  

I think people see/read he's not a finished project and assume that means he's ALL projection.  I don't think that's the case. He could be very good without tons of additional refining.  He could be elite with a decent amount of refining.

Interesting insight to Joe's draft strategy - the safe pick was Thomas, the highest Ceiling is Becton

might have assumed others (Wirfs) would be off the board but stuck to his pick 

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10 minutes ago, Tony The Wiz said:

And he can be a bust. There were many his size that were busts.

So can EVERY DRAFT PICK from now till the end of time... How about He Can Be an ALL PRO... ALL DECADE... HOF'er ???

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Not that it means all that much, but Becton had the second highest grade of the OTs on nfl.com.  So maybe...just maybe...some of the armchair GMs here who are so sure he's a bust might consider that they just *might* be wrong and maybe watch him (and Wirfs) play football for a few weeks before we declare him a disaster?


Player Status Position Team Class Arrow in down directionGrade
Rnd 1, Pick 10 T Cleveland Browns Junior 6.85
Rnd 1, Pick 11 T New York Jets Junior 6.70
Rnd 1, Pick 4 T New York Giants Junior 6.49
Rnd 1, Pick 13 T Tampa Bay Buccaneers Junior 6.48
- T - r-Senior 6.35
- T - r-Sophomore 6.34
- T - Junior 6.34
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10 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

do we get his Dad?

My kid's been hoping we got the dad ... he keeps using his stomach to bounce the defenders out of the stadium, like he thinks Becton's dad would do off of his super-big stomach 

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14 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

Only for a very limited period - I think 60 days?  If he doesn't test positive during that time, the slate is swept clean.

JD obviously did his homework, and was comfortable with the back story behind the flagged test.

On an aside, can sports leagues just stop testing for weed? It's ridiculous. It's legal in many states. That should not be considered a red flag anymore.

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14 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

For once why don’t you give a legit reason why you think that instead of just the predictable “He sucks” garbage 

Zero technique. He is just bigger than the people he is playing against and can throw them around. Wont work in the NFL 

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10 minutes ago, RVAJet815 said:

Ok. I started this afternoon with researching (softening the blow) on becton. In all honesty, this could work. I respect the hell out of Brett Kollman. This guy knows his stuff and his scouting tape on the draft. Link is below if you’re interested. Start at 38 min in for the becton bit (he mocked him to Cleveland).


This is great. Thanks for posting.

Disgruntled Jet fans need to chill and realize JD isn't going into this blind and might actually know what he's doing.

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