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The argument against Becton is flawed


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1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I like pro football focus but there are other takes on his pass blocking out there that you seem to have purposely ignored. I say this mostly because I can tell by the formatting you got it from this article where other sources give him props for his pass blocking.


 NFL.com: Enormous frame complemented by surprisingly nimble feet and functional athleticism to handle either tackle spot. Becton’s combination of movement and force should allow him to fit easily into all running schemes, but he needs to play with better patience in order to control and redirect all that mass into centered blocks in both run and pass. His technique and set-up are better than expected in pass pro, while his size and length allow him to recover and redirect both inside and outside rushes. With all really big prospects, weight and quickness will be concerns, but Becton’s areas of concern are correctable or manageable if he’s disciplined enough to prioritize them. He has the potential to be a good starter on either side, but the weight creates an obvious low-floor scenario.

 Walter Football: In pass protection, defenders have a very difficult time getting pressures versus Becton. His sheer size makes him very difficult for edge rushers to get around, as he eats up so much space and with his length they have to take extra steps to get around him. That leads to his quarterback having more time to get the ball out. On top of his overwhelming size and length, Becton is freakishly quick and athletic on the edge. He has excellent lateral quickness and agility for such a massive blocker. With his ability to play the typewriter with his feet and get depth in his drop, Becton is very adept at neutralizing speed rushers. Becton’s size and weight also shuts down bull rushes, as defenders struggle to get backward movement against him.

It just feels like you wanted to hate the pick and specifically went to find whatever negative you could.

I'm certainly not a scout or evaluator but if the criticism of his pass protection was that Becton didn't always get his hands in the right spot and may have given up on blocking a little too early at times, I think those are fixable.

What is not fixable is making a 6'7" 360 lb man into a quick-footed ballerina, which is what this guy essentially is.....You just can't teach that.  You can't really make a guy much quicker laterally if he isn't already that way by the time he's 20+ years old.  And, you certainly can't draft a 6'1" 290 lb guy and turn him into a mountain of a man.  You also might not be able to take a college RT and switch him to LT without problems or without diminished capability.  It's a risk and it's possible that a guy like Wills or even Wirfs at LT will be 85% of the player they would be at RT or OG.

In other words, I trust that whatever flaws Becton may have the Jets deem easily fixable and Joe Douglas is so confident in Becton's ability to handle the Left Tackle spot that he selected him over Wirfs to do just that.

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2 hours ago, TheMo said:

Haha ketamine for all. Here's to hoping @More Cowbell can get us up and running for today. It's been refreshing to not have to go back to the draft board to read up on some prospect I never would have had the Jets drafting lol. And then convince myself that it could make sense for the team... I'm not crying, you're crying!!

We are a go for tonight. Same link. 15 minutes before draft

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3 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

The argument against Becton isn't that he's too big it's that he can't pass block.

All of the negative comments about him elevate the fact that he wasn't asked to do pass blocking to he can't do pass blocking. Just ignore it.

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59 minutes ago, Jetworks said:

Lack of experience in pass sets, not a lot of classic technique on display, plays with short arms. 

I'm still optimistic as the above are teachable things, and the kid is a freak. 



"The reason we’re still relatively low on Becton despite his absurd physical traits at 6-7, 369 pounds is that we haven’t seen them translate consistently to the football field yet. Louisville’s offense this past season was extremely run and play action heavy. Among PFF’s top five tackles, Becton’s 73 true pass sets were 40 fewer than anyone else. On the flip side, his 8 pressures allowed though on those true pass sets were the most. Having had to flip sides based on the strength of the formation as a freshman and sophomore didn’t help Becton’s development, but that’s still more projection than we’d like at the top of the draft."

Becton just needs more experience in the passing game.  But for now he can open up running lanes for Bell.  This will make 2nd and 3rd downs more manageable and Darnold will get the ball out faster.  Shorter distance to the sticks means Darnold can shorten his reads and release the ball quicker.


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