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Ok who did it  

Next person who thinks it’s cute to even hint at the pick is going away for three moths.  This happens once a year, it’s something we all can enjoy from home, so knock it off or your gone. 

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2 minutes ago, Aussie Jet said:

Very true. Goes to the point though that, unlike what ESPN just said, there's no need for Belichick to draft a quarterback. None of the quarterbacks on the board are capable of starting at the NFL level.

Winston and Cam are there for the taking. That's not bad for a team like the Pats who are pretty competitive.

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6 minutes ago, JetFan20 said:

Honestly really don’t like the Jets Day 2. Love Becton, but the pessimist in me:

Denzel Mims: Stephen Hill/Devin Smith 2.0

Ashtyn Davis: John McGraw 2.0

Jabari Zuniga: Jachai Polite 2.0


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1 hour ago, JiF said:

He’s a freak.  Legit freak.  Ridiculous raw strength and power, fast, great hand game, burst, moves, counters, it’s all there.  He’s one of the few true edge guys who test out this year too.  He could be one of those guys who had a more productive NFL career than college because of how much DT he played.  

We just got one big problem, he can’t say healthy.  Like it’s always something.  Dominant when he could play and you noticed when he wasn’t in the game just unfortunately that was often.  

If he can stay healthy, he’s a steal.  

You could start him off slowly...as situational pass rusher...and see how he hold up.  Then...after his first offseason program...maybe he starts in year two.

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This Zuniga guy missed 7 games last year with a high ankle sprain and was never the same all year...
Q missed 2 games with a high ankle sprain and came back and flashed a bunch.
All you haters are in for a plate full of crow next year.

QW was in the 83rd percentile in athleticism for his position and was the # 3 overall pick.

Juniga is in the 90th percentile and a 3rd round pick.

This is not an apt comparison. The proper comparison to make is Macc took an unathletic Polite in the 3rd, and he’s already out of the league.
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1 minute ago, JiF said:

Yeah disagree to say he doesn’t move people, he can blow up plays with his power and burst.  He’s got counters and moves, he’s just been reliant on power and some of that has to do with where he predominantly lined up. 

Any other info you can share on this guy Jif?

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4 minutes ago, MasterChiefJets said:

On a side note, nice to see Douglas showing love for the older helmets.


I think everyone knew if you had to change the uniforms that was the way to go but Connor Roy I mean Chris felt the need to go "edgy" and "hip." Meanwhile theres a 0 percent chance the current uniforms make it beyond the 5 year window.

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4 minutes ago, David Harris said:

too soon to make COVID jokes?


yes, too soon

If he's sick, I'll feel bad about making fun of him.

*fingers crossed he's just an alcoholic*


I'm guessing drunk, because he seemed fine earlier on.

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LOL!!’!!!! Goodell relaxing back in his club chair. All pretense of formality and professionalism out the basement areaway. Anyone see a martini glass in the room?

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