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HBO WATCHMEN Mafia - Game Thread -TULSA WINS!!!


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5 hours ago, CTM said:

Busy today, not going to be able to catch up. Hess is scum, the mod pm'd me and said over the night I found an internal PD document that indicated Hess is not town. I'm tulsa pd, vanilla town. I asked him if this could be a trick he said the document is real,  I asked him if it could be fake information he said PAFO but said I was allowed to reveal this in the thread. Maybe someone else can confirm a similiar mechanic. No clue.

I don't know what the status of the game is as I was busy all weekend and not caught up but Hess is scum


vote hess

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Re-reading CTM and these responses to JiF stood out to me

On 5/1/2020 at 9:46 AM, CTM said:

Lol, there were several people that questioned it but yes you were the strongest and most vocal.

Issue is, I think you are town but I dont know it. So I cant give you kudos. Dpr is 99% town at this point so I can give him. 



On 5/1/2020 at 10:04 AM, CTM said:

I agree with that take and said so earlier, questioning the reveal is something some of scum team would do for certain.

For instance, your questioning of his reveal was more authentic town feel than 80's. You even stopped to consider voting him at the end, 80 and hess just jumped right on board with no thought. Could be confident townies or could be scum knowing dpr was being truthful and wanting to be on the train early rather than late.

frustrated clint eastwood GIF

80 comes off smelling like roses after looking at CTM again. 

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A new day has dawned in Tulsa and the TPD have been hard at work through the night searching desperately for the Seventh Kalvary. They’ve arrested two Seventh Kalvary members, including even the Chief of Police, Judd Crawford, and the Seventh Kalvary are on the run. But they have suffered casualties as well.


They interviewed people, roughed up a few of them to get information. Sister Night, Looking Glass and the other police officers heard some interesting stories. They heard a crazy story of someone who survived not one, but two attempts on their lives. First, there was a story about the Hooded Justice impostor. He took a swing at the person, a blow that would surely kill them if connected, but the would-be victim ducked the blow and ran off. But as the person was running, a shot rang out. In the nick of time the person dropped to the ground, narrowly missing the shot aimed at the person’s head. Whoever this person was must have pissed off a lot of people, but they had an insane amount of luck.

But that wasn’t the only person who was lucky. Everyone in Tulsa was lucky because no one died last night.

With 13 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 7 to arrest

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The 19 players are:

1) Jetsfan80

2) A.J.

3) Jetscode1 - Red Scare (Town Bomb): Dead D1

4) Barry McCockinner

5) Pac

6) AVM - Agent Laurie Blake (Town Investigator): Dead N3

7) HessStation

8) Dicetosser

9) Arsis

10) DPR

11) JiF

12) CTM - Captain Judd Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Seeker,1 time investigation avoidance): Arrested D4

13) Dandie Andie Doodle - Lube Man (Diminutive Townie, 1 night actions-avoidance but takes 1 less vote to arrest): Arrested D3

14) Drums

15) Nynaeve

16) Stark  - Seventh Kalvary Soldier (Scum Goon): Arrested D2

17) The Crusher - Agent Petey (Town Watcher): Killed N1

18) Jvill 51

19) Smashmouth

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On 4/26/2020 at 12:36 PM, CTM said:

I'm at l-2 nyn


On 4/26/2020 at 12:38 PM, Nynaeve said:

I know. Start stretching

Nyn if you're scum after doing this, you're a god, but I think this is a pretty good good look.

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