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HBO WATCHMEN Mafia - Game Thread -TULSA WINS!!!


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10 hours ago, DPR said:

I’ve been sitting on that news all day, watching to see what info could be gained. But I didn’t want to sit on it too long - the Dr. Manhattan character seems too important to risk by waiting longer.

Good deal.

Honestly I was going mostly on my read of Stark (town lean) and not his reveal. Don't know the source material, never played in a SMC game and didn't really understand it. But I don't see a world where you counter as a fib when you're not even on the table to get lynched. Occam razor means you're probably legit. Common sense being.... common.

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8 hours ago, CTM said:

i might feel the same in the morning, not after spending an hr reading

I'm leaning towards trusting DPR and voting stark

I just don't see how scum dpr would've hammer JC given JC's threats. it DPR is town then he wouldn't be lying about knowing Stark is scum. I also don't understand why stark isn't voting DPR.


I'm kind of here as well, besides, there is no way the game is just over if we lynch Stark.  it's laughable, really

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8 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:


I eluded to the fact that work was busy for me today at lunch time when I started catching up for the day and doing a reread of D1. I literally just finished hours of caching up.

I didn't rehash the name blame game. I pointed out specific issues with drums play around that and I thought it was actually pretty good. Maybe re-read it if that's what you took from it.

How do you know what the objective of scum is?

^^^ right.

I can confirm - that was his first ever vote on me, and it stung.

Why did you think that?

Sounds like you do have an idea

^^ how stoned were you when you wrote this? You already said it was the objective of scum to steal his power.

It's in the OP, I quoted - legit is there a single person actually reading/trying this game?  my ******* gawd, how do this many players miss that piece of info?  

And you're not following, why would you want the game to end if you're scum and one of your teammates are caught?  

Barry is pinging right now...

Doing my catch up, he's avoided this whole situation except asking the same questions that have already been answered over again...

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10 hours ago, Stark said:

You have been sitting on this all day. D2 of a game that we don’t know any information - could there be any more kills - And you didn’t think to mention this earlier?  Sure. 


ok now I'm even more comfortable with my vote. 

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Vote Stark

nothing to do with whatever the **** DPR is babbling on about and everything to do with calling Stark's bluff.  I honeslty wont even be mad if the game ends after we lynch, it would ******* hysterical honestly but lets be real we all know that aint happening.


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What the actual ****

9 hours ago, DPR said:

So, in my best sober voice:

Stark's claim is 100% a lie - I know this. 

Go back and read his claim, then ask yourself how many characters can blow up the game. Then read a little backstory on the series and you are certain to understand who he's claiming. It sure as **** ain't Elsie the cow. 

Stark has fake claimed. No one needs to counterclaim and the game won't blow up if you lynch him. 



9 hours ago, Arsis said:

To be honest. The blowing up the game part is probably a lie. That part I can't confirm as true.


9 hours ago, Arsis said:

Ah **** it. I'm immortal this game anyway.


I can't die until Dr. Manhattan transfers his powers. So I know the transfer mechanism exists this game.

But seriously, what the **** guys

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10 hours ago, JiF said:

I'm starting to think you.  You're more than your normal spazzself and you dont even know what the point of the game is.  At this point, it almost seems like you're overplaying a spazz as cover. 

I am appalled that we had the same thought.

I feel dirty.

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Just now, JiF said:

Is it because I listed you?  If I get 2 of the 3 right and I'm wrong about you, am I still brilliant?

You're just not playing a town game....


If I'm not playing a town game by your definition then color me pleased.

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