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Now I know why he couldn't see the field last year; not even on a 2-14 team.
Because he looks atrocious. He looks like he absolutely stinks. He looks worse than Christian Hackenberg ever did.
6/12 (50%), 50 Passing yards (4.1 yards per pass attempt) 0 TDs and an awful QB Rating of 59.3. 
I disliked this draft pick from day one (wanted Gabriel Davis) and I freaked out about this 4th round disaster pick and not even [mention=9828]Jet Nut[/mention] could calm me down at the time. 
I'll tell you what. Watching James Morgan play like complete crap just let's me know how awesome Zach Wilson has really looked so far.
That's it Morgan is here to provide contrast.

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You trade for or sign fa back up QBs you do not draft them to be back ups imo.  Backup Qb is very important but you go out and get guys you know can hold the fort and who know the league if the s

Joe Douglas won 2 of his 3 Superbowls with his backup QB. Maybe he knows a little something about the importance of the position.

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