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There once was a team from Nantucket

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Their receiver talent could fit in a bucket 
Their GM was new and through the rounds we flew
In an all time class he said fckit
[mention=5620]slats[/mention] Happy now? Sheesh, everyone's a critic 

You’ve got to at least follow the rhyming pattern for the verses, not just the last world. And the team isn’t from Nantucket. But other than that, it was great.

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2 minutes ago, freestater said:

There once was a team from Florham

Who's offense could craze 'em and bore 'em

A receiver they lacked 

But the safeties were packed

So JD got a QB and ignored 'em.


3 minutes. "Worked hard" pfft. 

Bryan Cranston Mic Drop GIF

Better, but we got Mims and some picks for our 2nd rounder.

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